More Soccer

This time more soccer meant a day trip to Knoxville, a 3 hour drive, 4 Things with their Momma, a packed cooler, bug spray for the chiggers, threatening clouds, 4 soccer games starting at 10:45am and ending at 3:45pm, a 3 hour drive home and dinner at Cracker Barrel. What a day!

Here are some photos of the players and the 2 Things playing their own games.

Delaney's Debut

This past Sunday Delaney made her debut appearance for TNFC. Sporting her all blue uniform, some green prewrap on an injured wrist and a "can do" attitude she fared well on the pitch. In her first game she put one in the back of the net with her left foot and helped bring her team to victory. She was in defense mode for the second game and held the other team at bay. All in all not a bad day.

The Park

Yesterday the Things were done with school early. Our plan was to go blueberry picking at a local "U pick" farm. The farm however had other plans. They were closed for the season. So instead we headed to one of our favorite parks for some fun. I captured these picks of the kiddos. I enjoyed watching them on the playground. I know what you're thinking, and yes they quickly lost interest in the play area. They did however find other ways to entertain themselves. Like pestering a nearby skink on a tree and waving branches to scare it and throwing sand on the slides to make them faster and complaining about how hot it was. Yes, we do love a trip to the park!

Our Dog

Today's rain brought a new friend to our back yard for Polo. I ran outside to hush him up. Thinking he was barking at the ground hog that visits or a bird, I was surprised when I found him playing with this creature. I am not sure what he thought it was, but he was wanting to play. He stood and barked and when the innocent turtle stuck his head in his shell Polo wasn't satisfied. He began pawing at it, barking more and finally he just picked it up. As if to say, "if you won't play with me, I'll play with you".


Well another soccer weekend has been posted in the books. Gillian played two games on Saturday, Makenzie played one on Sunday and the EPL, English Premier League, began on Saturday. All that being said our lives have now officially been consumed by football. And to clarify I DO NOT mean American football. I mean the sport that you actually play with your feet, what we commonly refer to here in the States as "soccer".

This coming up weekend all three of the girls will play. Delaney will have her first club games and William will start recreation soccer soon, his first game will be September 12th.

I love soccer. I love watching my Things play soccer. I love watching Gillian defend the goalie and not allow anyone to score. I love watching Makenzie while on a break away to the goal use her body to shield the ball and realize that she is one strong girl! And I love that our entire family, all 6 of us, can be at the soccer fields together and cheer for each other, and laugh at each other's ballet moves on the soccer field, and rise to our feet when our kin does something that she/he has been practicing. That is family time. Outside, in the heat, turkey sandwiches from the cooler and bug bites from playing in the wild flowers next to the field. Ah, I love it!


Could someone please help me here? I am addicted to the blog-o-sphere. Is that a word? I think it is, in fact it might be added to the dictionary this year. Along with a few other tech words that escape me right now, that is fact. I heard it with my own ears on a talk radio show last week. New words being added for our advancement into the networking, face booking, gotta know everything age.

Me, I don't want to know everything. I lie. I do. I want to know what my children will be when they grow up, if they will go to college, if they will hate me, if they will make me a grandmother, if Jared and I will see Italy together, if I will die first, (sorry for the morbidness), I really do think about that, if they will walk with the Lord. Again, we are back to this omnipresence topic. I know there isn't a way for me to be both in the present and the future, but if there were, hold on to your hats! I can easily be overcome with anxiety thinking about the infinite possibilities my life holds. I want to know, as much as I like surprises I really don't care for them. Order, structure, planning, that is what I thrive on. Or do I?

It seems as though the last two years of my life have been riddled with change. Not the kind of change that involves a trip to Starbucks or the Good Cup, change that will rock your world. Yet, when I look back now with a different perspective it doesn't seem so big a mountain. Does that make sense? Of course when I didn't know what waited on the other side of the mountain it seemed impassable, gut wrenching and excruciating. Now, not with my I have to know attitude, but with the attitude and expectancy that my Jesus knows, that mountain doesn't seem so big.

So while I want to know I trust that He knows. I know I've said that before, I have to remind myself of that daily, not so you think I am secure in my walk but so you know that I am not. I am searching, seeking and learning, humbly along the way. And while I struggle with the not knowing He never fails to show me that He knows.

Take a look at what He put in the sky just for us yesterday, after a not so great, not knowing, stumbling kind of day.

Who Knows?

Who knows? Who knows what this post is going to be about? I surely don't. I sit here and type while Thing 1 is taking a break and watching TV, Thing 2 is at soccer camp in the heat, Thing 3 is upstairs in bed nursing a headache and fever and Thing 4 is impatiently waiting for his buddy to be done with dinner so they can play outside. And me, well I should be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and attending to family matters. I am not feeling as productive as I sounded in my previous post. Who knew? I guess I did.

I am not always so organized, productive, and efficient. And well, that's OK. Who knew? I guess God did. God knows me, in fact He knows me better than I know myself. He is not ever surprised by my laziness, procrastination or my lack of umph! To imagine someone knowing me that well, the ins and outs, the ups and downs all the thoughts that I think, the bad and good, the desires of my heart, that is overwhelming. That alone makes me want to sit here and ponder exactly the One who knows.

Because I Can

Just because I can I choose to sit at the computer and write a blog. Because I already made lunches, doled out vitamins, made breakfast, worked out, drank coffee and made my bed. Not to mention I checked the calendar for today's top events for the kiddos, made lunch dates with Thing 3 and Thing 4 to help ease the morning weariness and chatted with my dear friend Rhonda. All this before 9 am. So because I can I am going to sit and share with y'all. And yes I say y'all now. That's how we roll here in Tennessee. Because I can.

I love the morning air. The freshness of it, the promise of it and the feel of it on my face. I enjoy being reminded with every sunrise that His mercies are new each day. I revel in the fact that there is hope.

I am thankful for the moon and that last night when I picked up Thing 1 from soccer practice there was a full, bright moon that our God put there for us. It was breathtaking. We both stood and stared as it peeked at us from behind the clouds.

I am finding the praise today in being a Mom. In having all that "stuff" done and being able to do it from home while my husband works diligently for us away from home.

I won't apologize for the rambling that this post has turned into. These are the thoughts that were swirling in my head this morning. Now they are here in blog land and no longer causing clutter. So there it is, because I can.

Snakes and Spiders and Stuff

William has decided that mowing the lawn is his chore of choice. I am not sure if it is because Uncle Jeff pays so well or if he rather enjoys the satisfaction of knowing his little muscles could accomplish such a task. Either way I find the whole idea cute, if not admirable for his determination to do everything himself, start to finish, so I felt the need to share a few pictures of this undertaking.

On this very day we were introduced to this hairy creature by our neighbor Bob. Yes that is a large brown spider and yes that is an egg sack attached to her back side. She was not too pleased to be in captivity, although I don't think neighbor Bob was all that excited about her hundreds of babies being released in his yard.
We were also graced with the presence of yet another snake. This one met his unfortunate end where the rubber met the road, namely the school bus. William carried him to his grave by his tail and that was the end of that. I am sure some critter in the woods had itself a nice dinner.

The Man I Love

Today is August 2nd. Today is the day 12 years ago that Jared and I were married. Today is the day we celebrate. Today is the day that makes me think of a new Dave Matthew song ("You and Me") and it's chorus:

You and me together, we could do anything, Baby, you and me together, Yes, Yes

Oh, and when the kids are old enough we're gonna teach them to fly

Sometimes when we are in the car the kids will sing this to us, they think it's funny, Jared and I smile and think it is sweet. And then we hope that when they are older they will remember these moments.

We've had alot of those moments. In 12 years there have been many moments, many to forget and many to remember. I cherish all of them.
I love you Jared Hanson. I am grateful we are growing old together. Happy anniversary Baby.