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Welcome to Austria!

A collection of random incidences that I refer to as "welcome to Austria" moments.  While living in Turkey, they were fondly referred to as "welcome to Turkey" occurrences.  Now, in a new country with rather interesting and specific nuances, I'd like to document a handful of happenings from our first three months here. There have been several and not without drama or at the very least a heavy dose of laughter and ranting.  Here is my disclaimer though, I am grateful.  For every last bit of it.  All the slap your forehead I can't believe this is happening to me times and everything in between.  I have learned at the very least to laugh at myself and the cultural differences I so often fail to understand.  Sometimes that is all I can do.  And other times it's a tad more serious.  Life spans both extremes, don't you think?  No matter where one lives or calls home.  
Here goes.  To begin with we made this move without a vehicle or any other mode of tra…

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