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Ships and Hearts, Moving and Mending

A while back a friend of mine said these words, " We should all be traveling by ships still because our hearts arrive much later than we do".  Or something to that effect and within the context of conversations surrounding moving.  In this case, internationally.  And friends, that is so true.  At least in my experience.  Physically we may be present and accounted for, if you will.  Emotionally, not so much.  This move abroad in particular, for me, has been rather difficult to navigate.  In the heart category specifically.  Two of our children made the move with us and two decided to remain Stateside.  And then after six months here in Vienna, our youngest daughter, returned to the States.  So yeah, my heart not arriving with me, that is a concept I can relate to.

Those that know have made claims that moving anywhere, let alone to a foreign country, is one of the top three stressors in life.  Take that information and apply it to the heart issue and this theory is elevated t…

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