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Twenty in 2020

Dearest Daughter, you are twenty years old now.  The teenage years have been left behind and a new decade awaits.  As does so much more.  On the precipice and ready for the living.  All the unbecoming and becoming.  The questioning and embracing.  Learning and unlearning.  Failures and successes.  This is your one, wild and precious life.   Go and live it well.  
Before you do, take pause and reflect on all that the year of nineteen gave to you.  Twelve full months.  Some of those were spent in California, where difficult conversations and miraculous breakthroughs occurred.  A season of doing without and listening more.  Learning more.  Hard and beautiful, and you know what I say to that: brutiful.  Such is life and humanity.  
We celebrated with a graduation and a road trip down Highway 1.  There were travel snafus.  An expired passport.  In the interim you resided at Mema and G'pas.  Then, with much glee ( mine, of course), you arrived in Vienna.  You spent a few months with us.  W…

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