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Twenty Two...Delaney Style

Delaney Lucille,You my dear daughter have now entered your twenty second year on this spinning orb.  There is a significance with each birth-day reached and this one is no different.  Never mind you are celebrating amidst a global pandemic, while you work from home (mostly), and are experiencing life in new ways, as we all are.  Not less significant by any means.  And it is worth noting, for memories sake.  I have witnessed a transformation from you in these past twelve months.  An unfolding of yourself, almost as if during the sweet embrace of self acceptance you have become reacquainted with your person.  Your soul.  You are stepping into becoming.  Searching for the tether to your heart and unlocking the divine within.  Carrying all that beauty and offering it to the world in a way that only you are able to. While your year of twenty one was not quite what you had imagined, you did share around the table recently, that it has been instructive.  Slowing down and resting is not an in…

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