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Limitless...One Man's Run and My Feelings About It

If you are a news watcher, sports enthusiast, an elite runner, or Sunday jogger in your own right, then you are most likely aware of Eliud Kapchoge and his recent accomplishment in my hometown of Vienna, Austria.  Eliud, with the support of forty one pace runners, INEOS and Nike completed a marathon in under two hours.  The official time was clocked at 1:49:40.2.  Let that sink in for a moment.  In less time than a typical movie at the theatre this man ran 26.2 miles, or 42.195 kilometers.  Can you even?  I certainly can't.  I believe the world record for a marathon prior to Eliud's feat was one he himself set at the Berlin marathon in 2018: 2:01:39.  Mind you, the time set on October 12th will not be recognized as an "official" world record.  Because the event was specifically designed and optimal conditions were manufactured to boost results, the time will only be referred to as the day Eliud broke his own world record time, not an official record setting event.   …

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