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Ah, Vienna in Spring.

It's been a hot minute since I've spent some time here with you all.  My apologies.  March was the month of unexpected travel.  As in I was away from Austria for three entire weeks.  House guests left and then three days later or so I was on a plane.  Then I returned and we had more house guests.  Then those lovely people returned to their home and the following week more friends arrived in Vienna, our beautiful city.  Now I am in a twelve day in between period.  That is twelve days until Pop and Nan are here.  For three weeks.  Yes, the Hanson BnB has been fully booked.  And me, well I am soaking it in and also taking this gloriously sunny Saturday to process and catch up and check in with myself.  Do you ever feel like you're a bit disconnected from your person?  Ok, good.  It's not just me.  This morning I intentionally had nothing scheduled, with the exception of a bike ride into city center to score some bagels for Easter breakfast.  Lo and behold the purple cycle…

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