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The Last Letter for Lane

  Delaney Lucille, twenty four years old. Yes you are. Married. Your year of 23 was a big one, indeed. All your accomplishments, professionally, a promotion a career experience and the move to a different store. Those alone would make for a full 365 days. And yet, there was more for you. A wedding. Marrying TJ and becoming a wife. I name the big, the known, the seemingly life altering transitions where thresholds were crossed. There is so much more. Moments existing within your inner landscape. The places where, perhaps, lessons were learned, care and awareness integrated, time stood still, or whirred past, those are for you alone.   I celebrate you. Your born day. All of you and the magic within.  So here you are, the last of these public birthday letters, for you. I love you to the moon and back, dear daughter. a rush of fury, fierceness and fire your cells within me,          woven into my being           connected as we are, I opt for tethered           sensitive and tender,

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