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The Eldest is One Quarter Century Old

 Here we are, twenty five years old. Or rather, here you are. Standing on the precipice of your twenty fifth year. Given that you are the eldest child this milestone seems especially significant, perhaps because you are the first of my children to reach this age, or maybe because your twenty five years have been filled with firsts, and were all my firsts as well, as your Mama. A title I will never tire of.  As you venture into this year I've been contemplating when to end these letters, or at least the public version. I have come to the conclusion that this is the year, twenty five will be my full stop for public consumption. Don't fret, my words are voluminous and will continue to flow with each and every milestone and birthday and all the in-between. Entering adult years and living your life outside of our walls, independently and privately, I feel it only the next right thing to allow you to do so and to allow you autonomy and choice in who you share my words with. Given all

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