Thankful Thursday #86

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803. successful, safe surgery
804. taking care of Thing 1
805. Nani here
806. running, again
807. race to train for
808. sunshine days
809. hearing I love you's after the lights are turned out
810. breakfast plans
811. Spring break approaching
812. sweet phone calls

Thankful Thursday #85

793. two Things snuggled in and reading
794. funny hugs before bedtime with the eldest two
795. family afternoon exploring
796. breakfast for dinner
797. element of discovery
798. Things serving and loving it
799. chore calendars
800. rainy days
801. whirling noises of the dryer
802. preparing for a visit from Nani

Catch Up, In Photos

We have enjoyed several  days here of unseasonably warm temperatures.  This has all six of us smiling from ear to ear.  The Things are playing outside after school with no coats, Polo is happy to go on his walks and we actually turned the heater off and opened the windows!   Not to mention we were audience members at Thing 4's musical performance of songs from around the world, guinea  pigs for a new recipe baked by Thing 3 and we spent St. Patty's all day as a family at the local Arboretum.  Below are some photos from the past week's activities.  They tell the story better than I could.

 Mexican spiced Chocolate Cupcakes

Thing 4 has the white shirt on, front and center

 The maple trees are being tapped for syrup, tis the season

 Walking through the Chinese Garden

 Watching my favorite people explore

Sweet Husband Jared and Me, smiling in the sunshine 

Vitamin D

Living here in the Northern region that we do has caused me to do some serious thinking.  Well, I guess wherever I have resided contemplation is always a part of me.  Moving on.  I have realized how much I need the sunshine.  I mean really need it.  Don't get me wrong, I love rainy days spent at home burning candles and listening to music and creating with my Things.  I like it better if those rainy days are mushed between sunshine and blue skies.  Know what I mean?  Husband Jared noticed the other day when we were out for our first outdoor run of the season that he has never seen my skin so pale.  Yes, he really said that.  And I agreed.  It is.  I am pasty for maybe the first time in my life.  See, I need sunshine.  Well the sun has arrived.  Today the forcast is 65 degrees F.  That my friends is cause to celebrate.  There will most definitely be another outdoor run this afternoon.   I need vitamin D. 

A Few Weeks Ago

There once was a girl named Autumn.  She had an Aunt named Leanna.  Everywhere that Leanna went Autumn was sure to follow.  They had tea parties.  Trips to the park.  Walks around the neighborhood.  Splashing at bath time and even books before bed time.  And then they went to visit Autumn's G-pa and Mema and Aunt Leanna ceased to exist. 

Ok, not really, but I thought it was funny!
A few weeks ago I made a trip to Franklin to visit the Horel family and meet our newest niece, Ms. Gemma Louise.  My oh my, she stole my heart.  I also was looking forward to some special time with her big sister, Autumn too.  What fun.  From reading the poem above I'm sure you can infer that good times were had.  I even had the privelege of touring Autumn's school and meeting her teacher and friends.  It was a wonderful trip, complete with excursions to our fav local hangouts, Mellow Mushroom and Pucketts of course.  There was snuggle time with Gemma and her first bath and Autumn's first trip to the big girl potty.  An abundance of excitement and sleeplessness and itty bitty newborn cries and big sister help.  I was thrilled to be a part of it all.  Not to mention I was able to have some quality grown up time with Autumn and Gemma's parents.  An added bonus! 
Thanks Franklin for the beautiful weather and thanks to the Horel family for treating me like an honored guest, or at least a well favored servant.  (joke totally intended for Jeff)

Swing Time

 Happy Family at Pinkerton Park

 First bath

 Big sister's helping hands

 Auntie Leanna and Gemma

Love this girl

Thankful Thursday #84

* my traveling companion

783. a new niece to snuggle with
784. an almost 2 year old niece to play with
785. family that shares
786. open conversations
787. trust
788. green everywhere in Tennessee
789. super husband Jared taking care of our Things
790. understanding friends
791. favorite foods
792. sunshine