Catch Up, In Photos

We have enjoyed several  days here of unseasonably warm temperatures.  This has all six of us smiling from ear to ear.  The Things are playing outside after school with no coats, Polo is happy to go on his walks and we actually turned the heater off and opened the windows!   Not to mention we were audience members at Thing 4's musical performance of songs from around the world, guinea  pigs for a new recipe baked by Thing 3 and we spent St. Patty's all day as a family at the local Arboretum.  Below are some photos from the past week's activities.  They tell the story better than I could.

 Mexican spiced Chocolate Cupcakes

Thing 4 has the white shirt on, front and center

 The maple trees are being tapped for syrup, tis the season

 Walking through the Chinese Garden

 Watching my favorite people explore

Sweet Husband Jared and Me, smiling in the sunshine 

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