This State....

State of what you might be wanting to ask.  Well not that kind of "state".  What I mean to say is I am referring to the state I live in.  My posting relating to the weather has ran the gamut.  This I know.  And I'm positive that it might sound like I'm being a whiny baby here.  It is quite possible I am.  This grand state of Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, yada yada has not been my favorite geographical location that we have resided in thus far.  Now don't mistake my disdain for this state for lack of love for it's people or the beauty of creation that surrounds.  I just don't know that I have the heartiness within me to make it here.  There seem to be statistics showing that I have had more sinus infections these last two years than ever before.  I may be the only one sure that it is because of this state.  The self diagnosis of allergic qualities to this state did not meet Husband Jared's high standards of approval.  Nor did it make him say, "alright, pack it all up, we're out of here!".  Quite frankly, I'm not too certain those were words that I actually wanted to hear anyway.
It was a moment of weakness.  Utter frustration.  I don't make for a very good patient when I am ill.  Not at all.  I much prefer to be on the side of administering the care and the medicine.   And thankfully for Thing 1 I was on that side just yesterday.  Seems she has her Mama's inclination towards the sinus-ear infection combo.  Unfortunately this is happening during finals week.  Poor girl.  We came home early yesterday, parked ourselves on the couch and tried to breathe through clogged everything.  You don't need those details, right? 
Anyhow, back to the weather and the correlation.  It is June.  Not that  you would necessarily know that here.  At least I wouldn't. I suppose I'm more of a Cali girl than I thought.  I do love a rain storm.  The sound of drops hitting the window.  Watching them dance on the sidewalk puddles.  The seasons here in this state seem to come later and later.  Or just not end, ever.  It really is no joke when the locals tell you that it won't be "warm" until July.  Last year was an anomaly.  This year, maybe too?  Seems to me that the rain hasn't stopped and if it has the colder temperatures haven't followed suit.  Strange.  It fluctuates from the 50's to the 70's and back again.  Clearly I am no meteorologist.  I am just a transplant in this state hankering for some vitamin D.  On the bright side, I haven't needed to water my newly potted flowers and the land surrounding us has the most vibrant shades of green invading.  Something to be thankful for. 
This might about sum it up.  Although I do feel like I need to make a list of all the "things" I like about this state.  I will.  Maybe not ALL, but at least 10 things I like.  Let's end this post with positives, glass half full.  This weekend, well at least Saturday the forecast shows sunshine and 70 degrees.  Doing my happy dance here. 
 And now, the list.
1. all four seasons, whatever their duration may be
2. water, every which way
3. late night sunsets in the summer
4. walleye
5. nature trails
6. bridge over the Mississippi
7. museums and theatres abound
8. arboretum
9. starry skies on clear nights
10. new adventures are around every corner

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