Cali...A Recap

There truly is so much to write about, so many stories, so many memories and so many photos of those sweet nieces of ours.  Let's just begin with the first few days and we'll see where that takes us.  After the whirlwind weekend I enjoyed a few days with just the Stucks, J, Corynn, Gianna and Olivia that is.  We ventured to story time, lunched at In N Out, because you can't come to California with out that, had dinner out at the Stuck Resort, learned how to juice, watched a documentary, shopped at the Farmer's market, went to the park, visited Poppi and Nani's to pick fruit in their orchard and grill steaks and I was even there for Olivia's first bath. Can I just stop right here and give my sister in law a great big shout out?  Not even two weeks postpartum and she is out with baby in tow looking fabulous as ever.  Now a mother to two beautiful girlies and she is taking it all in stride.  What strength!  Here's to you Corynn! 
This little one was splashing in the pool while her Daddy grilled our dinner

Going for a bike ride

Super Mama

Olivia's first tubby time
Racing down the slides
Gianna ran circles around  me.  That girl has endless energy and I tried to keep up best as this Auntie could.  She is completely and totally enamored with her baby sister.  Always wanting to know where she is, why she's crying and giving her tender kisses.  So very sweet to watch.  Speaking of Olivia, upon her arrival home she gave her big sister a stroller for her very own baby doll and Gianna ran around the house pushing her baby doll.  I was so very fortunate to have this time.  There was even one night I had Olivia for nighttime snuggles and then again for early morning kisses so her parents could have an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep. 
I just can't resist those baby cheeks, let alone that baby smell, ooh and don't even get me started on the precious little bum.  So in love with this girl.  And her sister too of course. 
That sums up the first few days at the Stuck household.  There were stories read, sleepy time kisses and tucking in, breakfast made, movies watched and more fun.  More on the latter part of the week coming soon.  Hint: It involved a beach trip, a boat ride and one niece who doesn't care for the sand very much.  Just wait for that. 

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