My Man And His Days

Long time no see.  I haven't been very present in this part of my world.  Needless to say I am back now.  (DUH)  And here to fill you in on the last few weeks.  Husband Jared's birthday falls on Flag day and is usually quite close to Father's day.  He was a celebrated man recently.  For his birthday we let him choose our plans for the day.  I know, you don't need to say it, we are a generous folk.  Thing 2 was absent from the festivities as she was on a field trip visiting the Creation Museum and the Field Museum in Chi town.  We missed her exuberance terribly.  Anyhow, we laid low around the house.  Homemade breakfast, a massage first thing in the morning, grilled turkey burgers late in the afternoon, chocolate cake with candles and some lounging by the pool.  Does it get any better than that?  It did actually.  I stole him away for a few hours for a date.  We visited the Dangerous Man Brewery in Minneapolis where we enjoyed a delicious pint and then munched on pizza at Element.  There was conversation, quiet moments of stillness, much laughter and cheer.  I do believe Husband Jared was a happy man!
I'm sure that wish came true!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend Father's day with him and the Things as my flight for Cali left out early the following morning.  On that day there was a field trip planned to the horse races.  The weather had a different sort of day in mind so they were able to catch a race or two and then they headed for the hills.  Or home.  The hills sounds way more dramatic though.  Sunday, the day of Fathers, was spent at church, watching football (soccer) and taking care of dear old Dad!  The Things were under strict orders.  None of which were necessary, they sure do know how to love.  Coffee and breakfast were ready before Husband Jared even came downstairs.   His favorite meal was prepared for dinner and I'm sure he didn't lift a finger all day.  So thankful my Things took care of their Daddy and I was able to spend the day with mine.  More on that later. 
Suffice to say Husband Jared was loved, celebrated and  then loved some more.  These Things and me are sure grateful for the man that he is and we are all better because of the way he loves and leads us.  Thanks Husband Jared, here's to you!

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