Last Weekend and The One Before

There has been some activity around here.  An art show at school in which all the girl Things had pieces on display.  A visit from a cousin and a football tournament.  Not to mention we are still struggling with the weather here.  Let me rephrase that, I am the one having a hard time.  Last weekend at the tournament we were bundled up.  Yes, winter coats and beanies on the sidelines.  Here it is almost June, scratch that, today is June 1st, and that just couldn't go without being documented.  I do wish I had photographed the silliness of it all.  Moving on, as I do agree I've never talked about the weather so much before living here in the great White North.  Here are a few photos sharing what this family of 6 has been up to. Well, here's what happened, I uploaded about seven photos and every last one of them turned when I posted them on this page.  Hmm.  When I uploaded and saved them they were all the right direction and edited and such and now, I can't even get them to turn the right way.  So frustrating.  Such is life sometimes.  I don't have much else to say as I was going to expound a bit more with my captions.  Bummer.  What rambling I have left you all with.  Now I've decided to post the wrong way photos, at least so I have them preserved here on the site.  Just don't get a kink in your neck trying to look at them.

Thing 3 and her palm tree art work

Thing 1 and her b&w photo of the guitar at Hard Rock, Chicago

Thing 2 and her collection of faces, including Thing 4, Thing 3 and Polo

Girl Things and Eden bowling

Cousin love

Thing 4 and Eden enjoying DQ after the tournament


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