This year all hallows eve snuck up on me.  Before I knew it the Things were asking to carve pumpkins and when we were going to the pumpkin patch and caramel apples and so forth.  Little did they know I had snatched some pumpkins of the best kind at Trader Joe's on a grocery run and they had been proudly displayed on our front steps for sometime now.  With the race and then all that followed we simply forgot to organize our pumpkin carving night.  Thing 1 might have been the most disappointed because she loves the roasted pumpkin seeds we make.  I assured her we could buy some although I'm sure they will not taste the same and of course our house will not smell the same.  Not a total loss though, right? 
Anyhow, the day of Halloween came and there was chili to be made and treats to pass out and still pumpkins to decorate or carve, I left it up to the Things.  And you know what, they did not disappoint.  Now, I don't necessarily have any pictures of the actual artistic process this year.  I do however have evidence of the finished product. 
Well at least I have this photo of Thing 3 with her pumpkin.  Complete with a smiley face and classic triangle eyes.  She was off to meet friends for dinner and a movie since we put a kibosh on the trick or treating for her this year.  Thing 1 joined us for dinner and a photo and then was out the door to enjoy a bonfire with her friends.  Thing 4 was trick or treating with his best buddy, in recycled costumes from last year no less.  By the time they were off the bus that afternoon they had their entire route planned.  First stop, the full size candy bar houses.  And yes, they did score a king size Kit Kat, definitely the best house according to them!  Thing 2 stayed behind to take the little Stinsons trick or treating.  She even dressed up as Denise Huxtable from the Cosby Show, a family favorite, and apparently a character she can relate to. 
Thing 4 and Mason- or Ninjas, or morph suit recyclers, whatever you prefer!  This year Thing 4 passed on using his trick or treat bag made by his Nani.  Instead he opted for a pillowcase so he wouldn't have to make a stop at home to drop off the loot in between houses.  Clever.

The group, you can sort of see our jack o lanterns hiding behind kiddos.  This was taken before the fun began, or right before the littles made a run for it.  Their patience had expired and the candy was calling.  Thing 1 had lion make up and hair, Thing 2 was Denise Huxtable, as noted above, then we had a lady bug, 2 SWAT team members and Iron Man. What a cute bunch!  Thankfully we were able to fill every one's bellies with chili and corn dogs before the shenanigans began.  As they left and the house quieted Husband Jared and I were able to sit and laugh at the chaos and how it fills this house.  We are grateful for it.  Then we drank coffee and ate cookies and candy and laughed with good friends until the doorbell rang for the last time and the porch light was turned out.   


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