Just Lately

Lately I've been absent from this here blog of mine.  I feel as though the last three weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind.  Two busy weekends upon mine and Husband Jared's return from Cali, weekdays chock full of activities and all the while I've had posts swirling about in this head of mine.  Some on replay.  I hope I don't forget them.  Should have remembered the rule about writing them down, or something like that.  There is just so much I want to share.  Storyline Conference definitely being at the top of the list.  But also right up there is the IF: Gathering Remix that I recently watched with a few friends, the little birthday present that was just given last week and some other fairly routine happenings around this house.  Now, where to begin?
How about the everyday normal of these six.  There has been no shortage of angst over this winter season so last week when we were gifted with a 40 degree day we took full advantage.  Bedecked with only our "Spring" coats we headed to the lake and walked the pup around.  It was a gorgeous afternoon with sun filtering through the sparse trees and snow melting all around.  Thing 4 ran around making snow balls and shouting out targets to us.  I can't even count how many times he missed but the few that he did hit were spectacular. 
Love those shadows
The girlie Things and I made the most of another sun drenched day this past weekend and hit the antique stores for treasures.  Mostly records for our new record player.  Armed with coffee and our hunter's eyes we marched into the most packed to the brim with anything and everything you can imagine store and went to work.  There was an entire room full of records.  Categorized by genre, our fanciful favorite being the musicals.  However, we walked away with Jackson Five and a few blues records.  What can we say, we are full of surprises. 
Mama and her girls, oh and see that scarf 'round my neck?  Yep, that's the one, Thing 3 made that, just for me and I love it!
Another fun update, our Thing 2 is employed!  Now we have not one, but two daughters working for fine establishments serving the frozen confections. Score one for the parents!  Now if Things 3 and 4 could find some decent paying work.  Ha, I kid.  Kind of. 
In other news, Thing 1 has established an IG account for her photography and is hoping to do some portrait sessions this summer for any twin city locals.  And maybe if I say it here there is no going back on; We are training for another half marathon this summer.  There I said it.  Committed.  At least I think anyway.  Training has officially started for Husband Jared.  Not so much for me.  I've been working on getting this body back in shape and accustomed to being active after my 3 month reprieve.  Ahem. 
On a much lighter note, a sweet friend gifted me with a most wonderful present this year for my birthday, a night out at a Wine and Canvas event.   We went together to a local restaurant where our canvas awaited us. Along with a room full of strangers, a patient waitress and an instructor and her assistant.  All there to help us tap into our inner artist.  There was a table top easel in front of me, a completed painting staring at me from the table and a paper plate full of paints, just waiting to be mixed and brushed.  So we did.  Step by step we walked through each element of the painting and in the end we had ourselves masterpieces.  Quite impressive, really.  The free-ness of it all and lack of measurements and lines to trace was a tad intimidating but when all was said and done I had a most enjoyable evening.  I spent a few hours with sweet friends, created something that will now proudly hang on a wall in our home, laughed at myself and I tried something new.  I'd say that was a win-win. 
Before I forget Thing 4 has been continuing his drum lessons and I was able to watch him at his latest session.  Hysterical.  As he was running through a set I looked up and noticed his face.  His tongue was to one side, his eyebrows arched and his features somewhat distorted in pure concentration.  I have never seen anything like it before and I won't soon forget it.  Priceless.  The boy was in the zone.  So grateful I was able to witness that moment.
It really is a shame that his drum stick is obscuring the view.
There have been rowdy dinners with friends, car troubles, March Madness talk, Summer planning and movie viewing.  The girl Things and a few friends went to the premier of Divergent.  To say they were a ecstatic would be an understatement.  They have read the series, we try to enforce that rule, read the book prior to watching the movie.  In fact, they were enthralled with the story.  So much so that Thing 1 had her friend read to her on the way to the theatre just so she could finish the first book in time.  Before that though, Husband Jared and I joined friends of ours for dinner and a movie, sans kiddos.  The movie choice just so happened to only be playing in IMAX 3D.  Oh my word.  I could not recall the last time I saw a 3D movie, let alone IMAX.  Intense.  That's all.  Just that word.  There might have been a few times I had to look away from the screen and close my eyes for fear the motion sickness bug might have found me.  It was an experience to say the least.  Oh and concerts, how could I have forgotten that.  Thing 3's first concert, Toby Mac, thanks to her bestie's family.  That was quite the night for her.  She was hoarse and had to wait a few days before she could even complete a sentence to tell us all her stories from the night.  There was the Kari Jobe and Rend Collective concert that Thing 1 and Thing 3 went to.  Fantastic!  That was the adjective most used.  We are big Rend Collective fans around here. 
Between school and other commitments are plates have been full.  No complaining here, we choose joy.  And then we choose to nap.  Often.  And when we start to feel like it might be a little too much, we hunker down and just be together.  Which brings us full circle to this upcoming weekend.

Might have been a patch job on the catch up for our six but I stuck with the highlights.  Leaving out the mundane.  That's another post altogether.  As is Storyline memories and California dreamin'. Lest I forget, the IF deserves it's own space as well.  Too many ideas and thought provoking teachings to not share.  Soon.  For us, this is the just lately.

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