Franklin Visitors

A few weeks back I was gifted with a visit from two dear friends.  While that may be considered a term of endearment I just feel like a little old lady when I say that.  The  motive is pure but please, help me find another word.  Anyhow, my friends from Franklin, TN graced us with their presence for an entire 4 days and it was the ultimate girls extravaganza.  And if by extravaganza you immediately think of late night laughing, pajama creeping until past noon and inhaling more sweets than humanly possible, then yes, that is exactly what it was.  Some things never change.  Thankfully these friendships are two of them. 
I'm not sure how we've managed to remain so connected, it is a gift I am beyond grateful for. Holly and I met first when our daughters played soccer together.  And then Holly introduced me to Julie.  The rest is history.  We have walked some roads together.  We've remained friends even when oceans separated us.  Now states separate us.  No matter though.  The three of us have been able to pick up as though no time has passed between visits.  You hear ample talk of community and your people, well these two ladies are both of those for me. Not only have we been on our knees knocking on the doors of heaven for each other but we have danced and celebrated and even done Jazzercise together. 
If only there was a video camera, that last little bit could have gone viral. 
Me, pretending to have rhythm.  Ha.  I am sure if nothing else I provided a 45 minute comedy session for those around me.  You see, my two "dear" friends are both Jazzercise instructors and they couldn't visit the frozen tundra and be without the stage for more than a few days so I was roped into attending class with them at a local center.  It was really fun.  Best part was watching them each teach a segment of class.  They are naturals, completely reassuring and encouraging to the women staring back at them.  Even the ones like me who can't seem to get the timing right.  Not only do they have rhythm but they can even sing and talk while working away.  Impressive to say the least. 
Thus was the beginning our time together. 
There was no agenda.  No have to's.  Not even any must sees on the list.  So much so that each morning it took serious deliberating to decide on the day's activities.  Mostly planning our days around our meals.  A little shopping thrown in at the local consignment shops.  Strolls through Excelsior and downtown Minneapolis.  Stopping in at a few of the local hang outs.    Hunkering down on the sofa laughing until our bellies hurt.  Watching dance shows put on by the Things.  Listening to stories around the dinner table.  Hearing new music.  Catching up on the latest and greatest with all of our children, there are ten between us.  Learning what was happening in Franklin and beyond.  And even without a schedule to speak of we managed to take two photos on our last day together.  I'll chalk that up to being present in each and every moment.
This.  This was exactly what my soul needed.  Deep conversations about Jesus.  Being loved on by two friends who knew the words before they even left my lips.  Such joy to have their sweet faces stare at me across the counter each morning, while we cupped our hands around our mugs and tackled the world's problems from my kitchen.   Already counting down the days until next time. 

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