Three Weeks

Three weeks and this little blog has been silent.  My friends all I can say is hello summer and goodbye to May, otherwise known as a busier month than December.  With all the finals, papers, projects, recitals, concerts, end of the year parties and wrap ups, May's calendar looked more like a surgery board in the ER than a family's events.  Alas we have survived and maybe even thrived.  When that last day of school arrived we were all elated.  Seriously.  I could have possibly even done back-flips.  You know, if I wanted to. 
Thankfully the last day of school was also National Donut day and we felt obliged to celebrate.  We learned that this day is commemorated due to the Salvation Army's donut lassies of World War One.  A simple yeast donut was hand delivered to soldiers fighting as a means of providing some comfort in the midst of chaos.  The tradition continued through the Vietnam war and as you well know the Salvation Army is providing services to our veterans in a variety of ways even today.  You can read more about the history of the donut lassies here, Salvation Army North.  Here is our crew at our favorite donut shop, Yo Yo , where we ate our fill of FREE donuts as well as a few special ones.  We were even fortunate enough to snap a photo with a donut lassie dressed in an authentic replica of the donut girls' uniform. 

We had our traditional ice cream sundae party the day before this.  I'm a little out of order here.  The official last day of school was filled to the brim with airport runs, graduation practice and an assortment of other activities preventing us from being together.  So as not to be forgotten here is our annual sundae photo, complete with happy faces since finals were FINISHED.
Husband Jared had a weekend full of celebration as well.  First a birthday and then Father's day.  Since our Things were all busy with work and such we chose to combine the festivities on Sunday night, with a special dinner, dessert and family monopoly, per the guest of honor's choosing.  On his actual birthday we ran a 5K race as a family/team with our sweet friends.  The city of Eden Prairie and our church, Grace, collaborated to put together this event in effort to raise awareness surrounding human trafficking.  I had the privilege of helping and being on the other side of the table was eye opening for me.  I've ran multiple races but never thought too much about the planning and organization that is poured into a single event.  Over $17,000 was raised by 750 registered participants.  I'd say a successful race for it's inaugural year.  The monies will be donated to local shelters and organizations that provide aid and resources to trafficked victims. 
Family selfie...of course

Team photo at the finish line!
Once the race was finished and we dried off, yes there was a torrential down pour as the last of the walkers were crossing the finish line.  We came home for birthday breakfast and to watch World Cup, because of course.  That was the birthday boy's one request for the weekend, a few days of football watching.  Easy enough.  Unfortunately our cable line was cut the day before by the neighborhood landscapers.  Cooler heads prevailed and we purchased an antennae and thanks to my brother we found an adapter for my iPhone, allowing us to view the matches that were televised on ESPN.  Crisis averted.  Although for the England v. Italy match we made a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings with friends.  They all helped in wishing Husband Jared a happier birthday!  There was cake and ice-cream afterward and then Father's day to follow. 
Birthday breakfast after the race...ginormous card, courtesy of four Things

Blowing the candles out, all 39 of them!
Family monopoly for the Father's Day win!
The week following was a bit of a reprieve before Vacation Bible School began.  This is significant because all four of the Things were volunteering in some way.  The older two were in childcare and the  younger two were members of J Crew, which meant they would be dressing in costume and teaching the songs and dance moves to all the attendees!  Sometimes even on stage.  There were rehearsals and late nights and impromptu dance parties happening at all hours.  I was so very proud of them all for their commitment to investing into the lives of those younger than them.  They shined their light bright that week! 
The big performance night...Thing 3 with two of her sweet friends

That's Thing 4 back there- in his element!
That brings us to present day.  Otherwise known as the week where all the Things left us.  Not really.  Thing 2 flew to Cali for her special week with Poppi and Nani and then Things 1, 3 and 4 left for JAM camp for the week, leaving Husband Jared and I on our own.  I am certain they are all enjoying themselves immensely as evidenced by the photos below.
The Things holding their care package- which they had to work for.  Thing 1 is a camp counselor, it is Thing 3's last year at camp as a camper and for Thing 4, the very first camp experience! 

Thing 2 and Nani playing Scrabble while camping in San Clemente
You may be wondering what Husband Jared and I have been doing with no Things in the house.  Well much like Polo, our pup, I sometimes find myself wandering from room to room looking in to see if they  might be there. When they aren't I pick up their blankets and rock back and forth.  NOT.  The house is unbelievably quiet though, and I don't think I've even had to run the dishwasher once since they've been gone.  I haven't been to the market or done laundry or cooked dinner. A rarity for this Mama.  There have been date nights and card playing and late night talking and dreaming and projects completed.  We've had fun, don't worry about us. 
 Date night selfie
With that I think I have updated and caught us all up on the current.  Maybe next time I won't have a three week hiatus from writing.  Or quite possibly I might given the fact that it's summer. And what I'm learning is that when you live in "Minnesnowta" you make the most of each and every day when the temperature is above 65 degrees and the sun is shining.  

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