Forty Years and His Eighteenth Father's Day

I would be remiss if I didn't pause and at the very least mention that Husband Jared turned 40 on Flag Day this year.  And he also celebrated his 18th Father's Day the following week.  Talk about milestones.  So in honor of his big moments I thought I would do a list of 40 things I love about him and maybe I'll share a few photos of his birthday and father's day celebrations.  There might be a classic of him in a cowboy hat adorned with a rather large 40 and just maybe he was wearing a beaded necklace and holding a piñata that sister Natalie purchased for him.  Maybe.

1. he loves me well
2. the way he parents our four
3. he forgives me when I don't deserve it
4. he laughs at my jokes even when no one else is, or maybe because no one else is,
either way I love that about him!
5. he loves Jesus most
6. he is always teaching me something new
7. when I am wound up about something and not seeing straight he knows just how to help me pause
8. his morning kisses are the best
9. he knows how I like my coffee
10. he possesses a steadfastness like no other
11. every move he makes and every word he speaks is deliberate and thoughtful
12. he is who he is without apologies
13. his leadership helps all 6 of us be better
14. his passion for the sport of football is unmatched

Husband Jared and sister Natalie, ready to celebrate his birthday.  She's the one responsible for the celebratory 40th gear!  No piñata but the hat and bling-like necklace is spot on!

15. he has a no nonsense approach to problem solving
16. while I may have become more cynical over the years his
optimism has grown by leaps and bounds
17. he runs everyday, at least a mile
18. he can problem solve like no other
19. he is a super uncle to our nieces and nephew
20. when you are talking to him he really listens
21. his crooked smile is definitely something I love
22. he wishes my parents happy father's day and mother's day as though they're his own
23. although his words are few he has a protective nature over his siblings
24. he doesn't do something just for the sake of doing it
25. he works hard for our family
26. his ear is bent towards the Lord
27. instead of telling he shows
28. his words and actions match
29. he loves to read
30. he is fiercely protective of the six of us

With the four that made him a father.  These five have my whole heart.

31. occasionally when he dances I see a glimpse of the little boy he once was
32. his eclectic music choices
33. the intentionality with which he lives is inspiring
34. his patriotism
35.  the way in which he crafts moments for me, for him and I together and
for each and everyone of our four
36. his self discipline
37.  his serious demeanor (usually)
38. his compliments are sincere
39. his ability to dig deeper and see past the surface
40. him, I love the way he was created, uniquely him

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