Thing 2's Birthday Par-Tay

It seems like ions ago but really it was only a month ago when Thing 2 turned 17.  We had a family day in honor of her and it was filled with all her favorites.  Bonus for the rest of us, since that meant eating out, being by the water and spending time together being silly.  Ideal.

Breakfast kick started our celebration and on the menu was family coffee cake, cards and presies.  Just look at how awake everyone is, they are definitely not morning people.  Well, except for the one on the left, she is.  

After breakfast and a few to do list chores we made our way to Excelsior for some walking on Water St., time near Lake Minnetonka and lunch at Lago Tacos.  Walleye tacos and chips and salsa for the birthday girl.  It is not a special occasion unless Thing 2 has been documented eating.  Just saying.  

We came home for family hang out time.  Which for the birthday girl meant playing a couple rounds of GOLF, sitting around the table laughing and I think we even watched a Harry Potter movie.  More favorites.  Then we decked the table in gold, because it was her golden birthday after all, and ate our dinner with our hands while butter was dripping from our mouths. She requested a shrimp boil and what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.  Relatively speaking of course.  

Thing 1 was in Seattle for Thing 2's birthday celebration and I must say she was missed.  When I sat down at the table for our card game I was surprised by this under cover graffiti she had left us.  Had to share because it made us all laugh.  The Things more than anyone else because they knew what she had done and I, of course, was the last one to know.  

This year chocolate silk pie was the choice.  Like I've said before, every year is different for her.  There have been a few repeats, such as this pie, but typically, never the same for her birthday dessert. Her siblings helped light the candles, being careful not to melt the wax on the chocolate.  Thank you for exercising caution when it came to our chocolate.  Priorities are in check around here. 

My birthday girl, all smiles.

After pie and singing and wish making we played a friendly game of Telestrations.  I would like to say there was no yelling or finger pointing or making fun of others but I would be lying.  There was.  Lots of it.  And it was so much fun.  That is how we do games here people.  Competition knows no bounds.  Needless to say it was a spectacular ending to an already above par day.  I think the birthday girl would agree.  Thanks for being born and thanks for celebrating with us Thing 2.  Until next year...

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