Snippets From Summer

Just a small collection of photos from our jam packed summer that may have been left out or included in other posts.  Who knows.  I wanted to reminisce a bit about our last summer in Minnesnowta.  It was a good one.  There were so many memories.  Meals shared around the table, homemade slip n slides, impromptu ice cream runs, bike rides, walks around the lake, trips  near and far, day adventures and all the fun and then some!  Consider these outtakes from the summer of 2015.  

Standing at the Mississippi Headwaters.

Crossing the Mississippi, Thing 2 and Thing 4 crossed with me.  

Hanson Fab Four and the North's Terrifc Three around the table.  

A visit to see Cousin Eden, we started out the morning with a hearty breakfast and then sat playing cards for a couple hours in a coffee shop.  

Caribou treats.

Bean Boozled Family night, you have to watch the video.  I think we all went to bed with sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard.  

You're welcome.

Polo's gift from Israel.

So many days spent at the neighborhood pool.

Farmer's Market with two of my three girlies.

Summer bomb shenanigans with the Martin kids. 

Family boat day for Husband Jared's birthday and Father's Day.  

Thing 3's new hair cut after her return from Costa Rica.  I think she aged at least five years. 

Thing 2's senior photo shoot, taken by none other than Thing 1 herself.  At this moment a man ran by us and said, "I think you have a little kangaroo in ya!".  Yes, yes she does?

Thing 1 spent a weekend in Cali with these two lovelies and then moved on to spend a week with the Strand family. 

My dear friend took our family photos to mark our season here in the Twin Cities.  And then she snapped a few of this girlie, since she has decided to grow up and graduate high school.  It happened in the blink of an eye people.  

Thing 4 had some time with friends on the lake and saucer surfing, a first for him!

And then summer came to an end rather abruptly as this was our view as Thing 1 prepared for her year in Seattle.  I'd like to say I was helpful but mostly I just laid on the bed with Thing 2 and we made jokes and laughed and Thing 3 rolled and packed and organized Thing 1.  Hey, we all have our gifts.  For the record, packing is not one of mine.  

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