The Boy's 14th Birthday

Boxing Day.  The day after Christmas.  Otherwise known as Thing 4's birthday.  In our house, a pretty special day.  Thing 4 has his own birthday tree, updated this year to a blue table top tree with matching LED lights.  It sits in his bedroom and holds his birthday cards and presents.  Separate from our Christmas tree and no Christmas wrapping paper is allowed under that tree.  This year a present sat under that tree for almost an entire month and had Thing 4 guessing and wishing.  Hmmm.

For his day, this 14th birthday, Thing 4 chose each and every activity and meal, beginning with the Manchester United match, quite early, and a proper English breakfast; Of which I have no photographs, slacker Mom alert.  The Horel family joined us for breakfast and the morning of footie. It was quite wonderful.  From there it was on to the skate park with his new scooter and then family dinner at Burger Up with cake and ice cream to follow at our house.  G-pa and Mema joined us for cake and ice cream and then Husband Jared, Uncle Jeff and the birthday boy were off to the new Star Wars movie in IMAX.  From what I heard it was incredible.  Sun up to sun down was spent celebrating this boy of ours.  

Thing 4 attempting to keep his eyes open to watch his team.  Although, I may have shut my eyes through some of that match too, it was ugly.

After breakfast swings in the Eno.  

My birthday boy!  

The six of us at the table.  Birthdays are a big deal around here.  At family dinner we like to continue the celebration by sharing one thing we admire or love about the birthday person.  

The present he was waiting for, from his sisters.  That might be the look of disbelief right there!  

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for the birthday boy this year!  Make a wish!

The family!

Post Star Wars, 3-D glasses!  

One celebratory filled day in the books for this now fourteen year old.  Can't wait to see what the year holds for our teenager. 

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