The Fabulous Fourth

Our fourth of July in photos.  But first a recap of the weekend's activities.  We spent the weekend at Pappo and Grammy's house.  The place where there is a garden, that is really more like a small farm, loads of toys for kids and adults alike, a pool with a volley ball net and diving board, horse shoes and rafts and a hammock, countless umbrellas and tables for lounging around and coolers filled with icy cold beverages, again for kids and adults alike.  This place is special.  It's special because Pappo and Grammy are and they welcome everyone in with open arms.  Don't get me wrong, you have to pull your own weight. No free rides are given.  There is grilling to be done and dishes and taking out the trash.  Everyone does their part so Pappo and Grammy don't have to.  They are the most gracious hosts.  Really.  We made some pretty fantastic memories this last time around and we are so grateful they provided us the place to do so.

Uncle Aaron photo bombing!  Classic.

Husband Jared grilling and hungry kiddos waiting.  
Many meals have been shared around this poolside table.

Sparklers in the drive way.

Aunt Maggie joining in the fun!

Thing 2 and Cousin Emme!

The fam bam... Our attempt at a family photo.


Playtime in the pool.

Thing 4 and Cousin Colin.  The boys!  

We played volleyball, floated on rafts, jumped off the diving board, flipped off the diving board, had water gun fights, lounged in the comfiest poolside chairs, and fell into bed happy, played out and exhausted in the very best way.  Thankful for the time to be with family, and for our freedom which was hard earned! 

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