A Weird Day...(a few months ago)

I am sitting here at Starbucks.  My intent was to have a reading hour while Thing 4 was at training but alas I could not resist the urge to write.  I just experienced the most kind encounter with an older gentleman.  Earlier in the day I held a woman while she was convulsing on the asphalt.  What a Monday.  My day began as usual, before the sun and with Husband Jared heading into work.  Start the kettle, pack the lunch, dish out our Juice Plus and blend the protein shake for breakfast.  Done and done.  Then off to the morning training session for Thing 4 and a run on the trails for me.  I could hardly wait.  A podcast was streaming through my head phones and I was off.  In the zone if you will.  On the turn around one of the walkers I had passed was down.  As in laying on the pavement and moaning in despair.  I stopped, checked in and realized her friend was in a panic.  She quickly called 911 and held this stranger's head in my hands, allowing her shoulders to rest on my legs.  Her sweet pup was in a state and jumped onto his owner's chest, nipping at me as I tried my best to offer support.  With the 911 operator on the line we were making progress, although the sweet lady was not coherent and I wasn't sure just what to do, so I prayed.  I cried out to the Lord, in my mind, and asked for a quick response from the paramedics, for help, for peace, for healing and for love to be felt.  That was literally the only thing I had to offer, other than my sweatshirt for warmth.  We, my new found friend Tami, and myself, waited and listened for sirens and attempted to comfort Marissa, who lay in my lap, with Willow, the pup.  And there we waited.   Speaking words of comfort, rubbing her back and trying to illicit any manner of response from her.  Another bystander, an angel in my mind, offered assistance and called the police and aided in tracking down said emergency vehicles to show them our whereabouts.  Thank goodness for kind people.  Still waiting, Tami and I shook our heads and shared looks of concern and helplessness with one another.  What does one do in that situation?  I had certainly never experienced anything quite like that before.  Ever.  This woman apparently has no history of such incidences and to be honest, I was becoming more worried by the minute.  She wasn't opening her eyes, any response we did receive was a head shake or barely audible answer to a one word questions.  We were counting breaths and holding her hands, reassuring Willow and on the lookout.  Finally we heard sirens so I bolted down to the road to flag them down and it was a police officer.  Thankfully he was in communication with the paramedics but the four of us just sat there, mostly clueless.  Occasionally the 911 operator would ask for us to count breaths or give her a status update but other than that, nothing.  And then the ambulance arrived.  Only after another episode which we did determine was a seizure and screams of agony from the patient just before her body gave way and went limp.  It was terrifying.  I am not sure if it was more the not being able to offer relief or the lack of knowledge surrounding this sort of situation, or maybe being a total stranger.  In my mind, it was a combination of all these things.  Once the ambulance determined their course of action I had yet another first time experience;  I rode in the back of a police car.  Yep.  My new friend, and I were sped away to our waiting vehicles.  With that the incident came to a close.  We hugged, exchanged phone numbers so I could be kept apprised to the outcome.  That was it.  She left for the hospital and I went my  own way to collect Thing 4 from training.  On that short drive I attempted to process it all.  So much.  Then Husband Jared called and I was sharing the details with him all he could say was I am so thankful you were there in the moment to offer help.  God knew just what they needed and that was you.  Wow.  Overwhelmed with emotion his words were a balm to my shaky heart and mind.  And isn't that the truth, though?  We are simply asked to show up.  Allow Him to ordain our days.  Work through us.  Later on in the day I received a text.  Tami was catching me up on the doctor's report, the next steps and as we exchanged messages it was apparent that we were both a jumble of scattered thoughts.  She spoke sweet words of gratitude to me and in agreement we hoped for the best possible outcome and complete healing.  The latest update I received confirmed that what the doctors had originally thought was the  worse diagnosis was in fact treatable and Marissa is expected to recover fully. Praise the Lord.  Through this interaction I was once again reminded of  the importance of being available.  The act of paying attention to those in need.  You know, the ones right in front of you.  Yes, thank you Jesus for that "subtle" nudge.  

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    I remember a time, oh about 16 years ago when you were comforted and prayed over by a stranger while waiting for an ambulance as well, thank you God for servants who 'show up' and 'pay attention'

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