There it is, the word for 2014, BECOMING. 
I had this lengthy post and even a copy of my journal entry declaring this the word of the year and I decided to scrap it all.  My intent with choosing this one word is to simplify.  And yet to simultaneously encompass all the possibility that a new beginning holds.  With only one word and not lists of mostly unattainable goals I am not beholden to specifics.  Or timelines.  Or expectations;  The ones set by myself being the harshest most unforgiving. 
So there it is.  My word for 2014.  Let me explain, briefly.  Rather, let me list in an attempt to define this word for you and me. 
The woman He created me to be
All the roles I have been given, those yet to be.  I desire to become what it is He created within me.  There is discovery and a deeper intimacy necessary for this to come to fruition.  And being gently woven throughout is the beauty of the process.  An entire year ahead dedicated to becoming.  

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