Five Year Trip

I just received an email from the Compassion team informing me that this is the fifth year anniversary of their blogging trips.  That is, for those of you that are unfamiliar, a group of "popular" bloggers that travel to Compassion centers and share the experience via the world wide web in order to bring hope to children with less than.  These gifted writers share their time with Compassion, typically they meet one of their very own sponsored children and then they bring it all to life here, for their readers to see.  To feel.  To be a part of. 
And that's where you and I are able to play a part in this story.  For the first time ever they are posting a sponsorship goal for this trip.  The group will be in Uganda January 27th-31st and they're asking us to come along.  Join the team.  Pray them to Uganda, through Uganda and back home.  Consider sponsoring a child.  Or two.  Maybe even three.  I've made it simple for you.  Just click on the banner on the side of this page, or on any of the highlighted links throughout this post.  It will take you to the faces of Compassion.  The children waiting to be invited into the centers.  Waiting to hear the hope of Jesus.  A man who died for them and loved them first. 
I have written about Compassion before in this space.  Shared our journey as a sponsor of one young man in Nicaragua.  The gift that he has given us is far greater than the $38 we send monthly.  His letters are kept in a special place, his photos pinned across our bulletin board in the center of our home.  His name whispered during prayer time at our table.  His drawings hanging on our fridge next to those of the four Things.  He is a part of our hearts. 
I may be lacking in my ability to tell the Compassion story.  To truly share the essence of the work that they do.  The way they become the hands and feet of the Body of Christ.  How they bring the Kingdom glory, daily.  But these bloggers that are traveling to Uganda, their words will do it justice.  I am confident that they will be raw and vulnerable and in their experiences their words might just shed some light for you.  I encourage you to follow them.  When  you click on their sites say a prayer for them.  For the Compassion centers they're visiting.  For the villages that surround.  For the lost.  For the children. 
Lord, I pray for this trip.  For the team on the ground, leaving the States, for the team in Uganda, awaiting their arrival.  For the lives yet to be touched.  For the love that you gave first so that we could love.  For all the plans that you have.  I pray a hedge of protection and that you go before them all.  I pray their words be Spirit filled, bringing revival and hope and sponsorship in your Son's precious name. 

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