The Eve of 2014

I would be remiss not to post at least a brief review of our NYE celebrations.  The day, that is the eve of the New Year was uneventful.  Things were home, snug in their beds until the late hours of the morning, the Husband and I both worked and the afternoon brought preparations for an evening that was to be filled with friends and laughter.  Easy enough. 
The wee Stinsons joined us with their Mama and the Brown family as well.  Games were planned and Just Dance competitions and staying up until midnight.  That we did, or at least until New York's midnight as it was referred to around here.  We learned a new game, Big Bowl, played an old game, Heads Up, and laughed and mimicked and questioned each other endlessly.  We witnessed the ball dropping and some inappropriate Mariah Carey moments.  There were awkward photos taken and plenty of food inhaled.  Savory and sweet alike.  All the people were telling stories and circled around the kitchen island.  Just as it should be. 
It was, in short, a wonderful start to the new year.  Here's to 2014 and all that awaits! 
The only group photo of the night, some of our people, in the kitchen of course! 

Oh and this one, where I didn't know what to do with my hands and we had been laughing so hard I was crying after playing Big Bowl with the teenagers!   Love this friend of mine.

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