Spit Spot

A quick post for y'all, because I have a few minutes of quiet and some time to tap on the keys.  The Things are back at school after two rare "snow" days in these parts.  Although they weren't actually snow days because there wasn't any snow.  I mean there's snow on the ground but we were home bound due to the Polar vortex that surrounded our state.  If you haven't heard the temps were close to fifty below, that's with the wind chill.  Let me tell you, it's every bit as cold as it sounds. 
We didn't venture out at all, with the exception of a minute or two for Polo to take care of his business.  If that dog could use the toilet I would have forced him to in order to spare myself.  Husband Jared missed out on the pajama day that was Monday because someone had to bring the home the bacon and that was him.  With the threat of cars not starting and people being stranded on highways and such he was all man and took one for the team.  The Things and I declared the day a win!  We watched Harry Potter, never changed from our pjs, baked banana bread, painted canvases, played Xbox and Just Dance, there may have been some reading and journaling and maybe even a little knitting.  There was plenty of snuggling and music and disbelief at the ice that covered our windows.  Because Husband Jared loves us he brought Chik Fil A home for dinner in the form of a nugget party tray and that just may have made the day for the Things, well that and the fact that school was cancelled for Tuesday too! 
Tuesday didn't hold all the promise that Monday did.  I actually had to dress and leave the house for work.  I missed out on the morning pj party but participated just as soon as I was home for lunch.  Whew!  More of the same for Tuesday and only one Thing that was going a bit stir crazy.  Thing 2 and I ran a few errands and scored some earrings for her upcoming school dance.  That was a win! Not to mention that it eased her discomfort of a full forty eight plus hours at home in her pjs.  Go figure.   That brings us to homemade potato soup last night, a little Bible series watching  and some planning and preparing for the school day today. 
It was bittersweet.  While we were all ready for some order and routine the lack of alarm clocks and plans was just what was needed for these six.  And now, with the temps still hovering in the negative ten range the Things bundled up and filled the car with their half hearted smiles and attempts to make this a great day.  After all, we are still breathing which means there is work to be done.  Speaking of, I had better get to it.  I am sitting in my pjs still, finishing my last cup of coffee and I can hear the treadmill calling my name, taunting me!  Time to go.     

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