Birthday Dinner - Thing 1 Style

We celebrated Thing 1's birthday a day early.  Wednesdays are typically a busy night for our household.  Running to and fro.  Training for football, carpool, youthgroup, Awana, etc.  Dinner is quick and although we try to sit at the table and eat together sometimes it just doesn't happen.  With that being said we planned Thing 1's celebration for the night before her actual birthday.  On the menu: fried chicken, fried onion strings, homemade mac and cheese, it is a vegetable in the South you know, biscuits and a salad for a splash of green.   Don't forget the from scratch strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting.  Yes, it was all as good as it sounds.  I think.  The quiet at the dinner table that night was a sign.  Thing 1 savored every moment.  Southern girl at heart.

 Cooking the onion strings, her favorite job

The Meal
When every last morsel was devoured we moved to presents.  An assortment of cards and presents awaited.  Thing 1 could hardly wait.  She was shaking cards and eyeing the loot days before her birthday.  Man did she score.  Money for shopping, a goodie bag of her favorites from some sweet new friends, jewelry and canvases for some painting projects she's had in mind.  Wow.   A smile from ear to ear covered her face and then I sang happy birthday and the smile dissappeared, or at least it turned into laughter!  Fifteen candles on the cake, or in this case, candles in the shape of 15.  She blew them all out and made a wish.  No, she didn't share that but she did share her cake and icecream, rainbow shebert with us.  Yum. 

Goodie bag of favorites!

Wish and cake time!

A simple, quaint family night.  I hope Thing 1 felt celebrated and honored.  I know for certain she did when her siblings had kitchen clean up and she was able to sit and watch them.   Yet another advantage to being the birthday girl.  Here's to the year ahead and until the next birthday.

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