Celebrating Me!

It was my birthday yesterday.  And yes, my family and friends and loved ones showered me with all the love they could muster.  Yes, we celebrated me.  More so I am just so grateful for the outpouring I received.  It was more than I could have hoped for and all that I needed.  Truly a gift.  Each word of wishes and blessings.  All held close to my heart.  I felt celebrated and joyful!

 Birthdays are a very big deal in our family.  So big that we tend to carry on the celebration for a good week or so.  Milking every ounce of fun that we can.  My week began with a special night out with Husband Jared last weekend.  We did some research and found a restaurant we wanted to try in downtown Minneapolis, Zelos.  It did not disappoint.  Great atmosphere, incredible, fresh and local menu to sample and delightful conversation with my man. 

A night out with my man
The birthday week continued with pedicures with a sweet friend and her daughter, and card after card in the mail.  The Things and I have a rule that you can't open presents or cards sent before your actual birthday so they taunted me all week.  It really has not a thing to do with the gift, the mere fact that I was thought of touches me deeply.  So much so that I cried like a baby when I opened each gift.  Sometimes tears are happy and in this case they were. 

On my actual birthday morning Thing 1 rose early and made me breakfast.  Thing 3 decorated our "plate" with a birthday wish and Thing 2 and Thing 4 hugged and wished me a "happy birthday" before the sun even rose.  What a way to start the day!

Bagel sandwich, cutie, orange juice and most important, coffee!

Thing 4 was home sick today so we spent the day snuggling and making a visit to the Minute Clinic.  Not exactly fun but at least we were together.  And upon finding out he did not have strep or anything else contagious he rebounded quite nicely.  Maybe he just needed a day, don't we all?  Husband Jared made it home early and was able to have lunch with us.  And then I impatiently waited for the girl Things to come home from school so we could continue our celebrating.  We had decided to take the Things to dinner at Burger Jones.  A fine establishment serving some of the most creative, messiest burgers.  A bit of a retro throw back.  It was Husband Jared's first visit and he sampled a fried chicken slider with spicy aoli, delish.  All of it was. 

Around the table

I think it might have been the speediest family dinner ever.  There was a seven pound chocolate cake waiting for us at home and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Let's  not forget the pink candles and the dismay when the Things realized there were not enough candles for the years.  They made the digits with the candles.  Um, thank you, I think. 


Making a wish

After blowing out the candles, yes I got all of them, and devouring the chocolaty goodness we settled in together for the remainder of the evening.  What a day, what a night and what a completely awesome family I have.  

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