Just Words

For a few minutes I am challenging myself to sit here and type.  Total stream of conscious, whatever comes to mind.  Without editing, or deleting or agonizing over the connotation.  Here goes.
Light streaming in through the window, filtered and shadows of wings flying about.  They dart to and fro, one even landing on our sill.  Holding on tight to the screen, not sure where to go next.  Calling out in song to fellow feathered friends.  An answer and into the tree it flies.  Immediate response. 
Coffee in my cup, right beside me, never far.  A camera sitting on the desk, beckoning me to get out and capture creation.  Where to today?  No work, maybe a walk around the lake?  Leaves changing and a drive on a windy road?  The possibilities are endless.  Or are they?  There's always the to do list and dinner to think about for the family and laundry and house chores as I call them.  They can wait though, right?  Feeding my soul is important too.  And that's what being outside, surrounded by Him does for me.  Fills me all up with joy. 
Yes, that's right.  Are a few minutes over?  I didn't really set a timer, just watching the clock on the screen.  That was really harder than I thought and less than what I imagined I would write.  

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