A List of Loves

True, Valentine's Day, or Love Day, as referred to in this house of mine, was over two weeks ago and since then there has been a birthday and such.  Regardless I am going to post about some things, people and otherwise that I currently love, have loved or want to love.  Writer's prerogative here people.  Or something like that. 
I love birthdays.  Day, week, heck, month long parties of delectable food and cake.  Birthday cake for the win.  Everyday.
I love that my people know this about me and don't question it any longer.  Once Thing 1's birthday has been celebrated I began my countdown.  I'm just a big kid when it comes to this. 
I love words. 
I love when the six of us share our hearts on paper.  And I love watching everyone's reaction as they read what was written about them.
I love mail.  Snail mail.  Cards.  Letters.  Packages.  I store all the cards and presies addressed to me around my birthday and open them all after cake and ice cream.  There really is no other way if you ask me. 
I love Face time.  My parents were able to sing happy birthday to me in real time, and watch me blow out my candles.  Technology may have it's downside but for this I do love it. 
I love that Husband Jared knows what I love.  Exploring new places.  Eating new food.  Feeling adventurous in our own city. And he likes to do those things with me. 
I love being around the table.  Mine.  Other people's.  No matter.
I love the conversations that take place when least expected.  Late night, early morning, in the car, through text. 
I love learning.  About other people.  Other cultures.  Religions.  Places.  Politics. 
I love that when I listen to too much talk radio he knows.  He quietly listens and nods his head until my rant is over and then we move on. 
I love that they all know I need my coffee FIRST in the morning.
I love that they know I am not a night owl.  As in I don't like to drive at night and I probably, might not, remember what we talked about if it was after 6pm.  Ok, maybe later if planned.  But maybe not. 
I love that when he comes downstairs in the winter time he starts a fire for me.  Meaning he turns the switch on, but hey it's the thought that counts, right? 
I love that my Things watch my face during sad parts of movies, waiting for my tears to fall, sometimes they hand me the tissues before I even start.
I love all our inside jokes and memories we share. 
I love hearing stories told by my Things.  So uniquely different in their recollection. 
I love coffee.  Oh, wait, I think I already mentioned that. 
I love that my girl Things help me with shoe choices when I can't decide which ones to wear.
I love that my boy Thing is sweet and tender but will still take me out on the pitch. 
I love new books and the smell of old books.  Weird, I know. 
I love watching him think.

I love when the Things are all together.   
I love being a wife.
I love being a mama. 
I love the six of us.
I love because I was first loved. 

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