A Fall Recap...On The First Day of "Winter"

Halloween came and went and with it Thanksgiving and a visit from Nani and as mentioned in the previous post even a move.  None of which have been documented in photos or otherwise here.  There won't be many words, as seems my typical fashion these days.  Nonetheless, this is our family's story, scrapbook, call it what you will, I will post photos until I'm blue in the face in hopes that it will help me remember.  That these pictures will somehow weave our story together in a richer, fuller manner.  Or maybe cause someone to laugh, nod in agreement, or recall their own story and be inspired to share it with someone else.  A continuation of traditions passed down from generations before.  History, the word itself contains "story".  And this place here, it is part of the six Hansons "history".   Here we go.

Natchez Trace Hike.  When we moved to TN the first time in 2006 we took this exact picture of the Things.  At that time all four of them were sitting on the horse post.  

The tree pose on hay rolls in a beautiful field.  I couldn't help myself.  We pulled over on our drive home, ran across the street and tried our best to conquer the hay roll.  Not as easy as I thought it would be.  Not pictured are all the failed attempts and me laying on the grass.

My sweet friend Lori and her daughter Maddie were on a college road trip and made a pit stop in Franklin.  I can not even tell you how much joy this brought me.  Such a treat to see familiar faces from up North and have time to catch up in person.

Things 2 and 4 and myself took Autumn on her first visit to The Frist art museum.  We spent hours in the children's area, creating and learning and watching.  At the end of our day she used her own spending money for a glass marble keepsake.  

We all cheered on the little swimmers at a few of their meets. 

Let's not forget Oktoberfest in German town.  Thing 2 joined us and the Horels for an afternoon of daschund races, German chocolate cupcake and bratwurst eating and polka dancing.  

The gang!

We carved pumpkins at the apartment.  A scary face for Thing 4, an owl for Thing 3 and an upside down bat for Thing 2.  

Thing 3 and I spent an afternoon in downtown Franklin at the Pumpkin Fest with Aunt Natalie, Autumn and Gemma. Or should I say a princess and an owl?

Halloween night was spent at the Horels, eating chili, passing out candy on the porch with these two and watching all the cutie patootie trick or treaters.  

Moving day.  Don't worry Things, there's plenty of room for you too. We had Betsy piled high with all our stuff from the apartment, groceries, suit cases, dishes, medicine and even Polo.  Thankfully Nani had her own seat as my co-pilot.

Thing 3 also got herself a job.  There she goes on her first night at Cool Cafe, a local meat and three.  She works three days a week for three hours.  So far she has peeled potatoes, made all the salads, worked the line and the cash register.  Life skills.

We took a break from unpacking and took Nani for fro yo at Sweet Cece's. It was a full couple of days while she was here, unpacking over one hundred boxes, hanging pictures, arranging furniture and organizing a garage.  Whew, I'm tired typing that.

The morning we dropped Nani off at the airport Things 3 and 4 drove to KY with me for a footie tournament in Elizabethtown.  Thing 4 is preparing to strike the ball in the photo above.  It was a fantastic weekend on the pitch for the boy.  

In between matches Thing 3 and I found this beautiful park and went on a little nature walk.  

And we found the cutest local donut shop after the first match on Sunday morning.  Because donuts are our family's love language.  Can I get an Amen?

That brings us to Thanksgiving and lefse making.  Family traditions passed down through the generations. 

We kicked our Thanksgiving celebration off with a family 5k run to benefit Graceworks.  It was a beautiful morning and we all finished with smiles on our faces!  Three cheers for turkey trots!

A "friendly" game of 500 in the backyard while the turkey was cooking.

GOLF on the patio.  House rules applied.

The family around the table, my favorite place to be.

I was not afraid to fill my plate with a sampling of everything.  And yes, I do believe I was a member of the clean plate club.

Pumpkin pie, homemade crust and chocolate chip pecan pie with bourbon sauce.  Delish!

We capped the night with a bon fire and coffee and hot chocolate.  It was a great day.  

The next morning the traditions continued, girls up early for their black Friday shopping with Mema.  First the wish bone must be broken and coffee must be consumed.

We were quite productive, lists were crossed off and we were all still wearing smiles at lunch time.  Thing 1 was missing as she was in Seattle still, not to worry though, she has her very own shopping date planned with Mema. 

There had to be a selfie.  

The weekend after Thanksgiving proved to be the opportune time for Christmas tree hunting.  Our original plan was to venture off into the woods at a far away Christmas tree farm but that just didn't pan out.  We opted for the next best thing.  A family morning at Good Cup to fuel up and then the Christmas tree farm across the way.  

Sorry girls, that tree is a little too Griswold-esque.  In the end we chose a too tall, too wide fuller than full tree and the kind young men working tied her to Sven and away we went.  

I made them pose for this photo.  Husband Jared is most definitely planning his strategy for bringing that behemoth into the house.  Hmmm.

Well here goes.  Thing 3 was a huge help while I gave directions on where to place it.  We had to cut off about 6 inches on the top so that she would fit and we purchased more lights and our garland didn't fit around her robust branches, but at the end of the day we all stood back and thought she was just right for our first Christmas back in Tennessee.  

That my friends brings us to December.  And actually this post was started on the first day of winter and not finished until a few days after Christmas.  I have plenty more thoughts to share with you around our Advent season, a visit from Thing 2's friend, Thing 1's homecoming and all the festivities.  For now though, feel free to sit and stare at this beaut.  I've missed you blog world.  


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