Starbucks Ponderings

I am sitting in a Starbucks in Nashy on a rainy Tuesday morning.  Cliche, yes I am well aware.  This location is tucked away in an aging strip mall, close proximity to hospitals, specialty medical centers and colleges.  All of which provide the most interesting people watching material for me.  I chose the community table today.  In part because the quiet, secluded tables were occupied and this vantage point is irreplaceable.  From here I'm able to see the coming and going of all.  The buzz around me is tangible.  Work meetings, doctors tapping notes away, women nodding in agreement, men shaking their heads at each other, papers rustling, old friends spotted from afar and Christmas music the background to it all.  

This environment here, all these faces, it makes me wonder.  What are the stories?  What brought all of them here this morning?  Are the smiles real?  Some faces show the hurt and others hide behind it.  In typical fashion a majority of the men have taken notice of the tall, blonde sitting to my right.  Pausing just a moment to take in her beauty.  Still there are some not quite awake and in focused pursuit of the caffeinated beverage that awaits.  Few have entered searching, scanning the room again and again for that familiar face, the scheduled meeting, the one waiting for them.  

Isn't that what we all want?  Someone waiting for us.  Welcoming us in.  Noticing us in a room filled with strangers.  Darlings, there is one that does such a thing.  And He does so willingly and effortlessly, without fail every minute of our lives.  

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