Thing 2's 18th Birthday

Thing 2's 18th birthday.  Thankfully we were able to celebrate this milestone before leaving for Germany.  The family joined in, we sat around the table, told her the things we love about her, made a wish on a ginormous donut and spent the day doing whatever her heart desired.  It truly was a beautiful way to begin her year of 18.  My favorite is hearing all the beautiful parts of her that our friends and family appreciate.  I can't remember when or how we started this tradition but the pure joy on the receivers face of these edifying words is nothing short of heaven on earth.  Here's her celebration in photos.

Birthday dinner: caesar Salad, vegetable lasagna 

Birthday pie, chocolate silk of course, courtesy of Thing 3

Family selfie around the table 

Cousin Love

On your birthday confetti is a must!  

Present time!

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