Thoughts to Ponder

Advent approaching.

Will we find the present waiting for us to draw near?

A present ready, wanting to be opened early
Sacrifice and love divine wrapped in life
The gift has been given, set out for aching hearts
Offered to all, there for the taking
He longs for us to unwrap His gifts first
The ones written in scripture, engraved upon our hearts
Given one starry night to change eternity
Go ahead open it, hold it close, its yours.

Ramblings After Too Much Turkey

So I don't forget this Thanksgiving here are some of the wackadoo happenings from our home.  William made jokes about having opposable thumbs, Gillian tied her sweatshirt so she looked like a cone head, we played soccer in the back yard, we went on two walks to the skatepark, the Things went hunting in the woods, Delaney and Makenzie didn't feel well and layed around all day watching movies, we played Spoons after we tucked Jared into bed at 7pm and Makenzie made chess pie for the first time.  We all went around the table and said what we were most grateful for this year and then we each said one thing we were thankful for about everyone at the table.  It was so neat to see the Things faces light up when their siblings said something about them.  What a gift.  sWhat a day.

Thankful Thursday #7

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for:

61. for the quiet that comes after full bellies
62. for the pile of dishes sitting in the sink
63. fresh lefsa made by the best Mother in Law and Things 2 & 3
64. watching movies all day with happy Things
65. thank you's for a yummy meal
66. cold, cloudy days for snuggling
67. chess pie made by Thing 1
68. smiles on Things faces when they watch Dad skateboard
69. friends who will wake up early on Black Friday to shop with you
70. flannel jammies

Rich In Love

Happy Anniversary to the people who taught me what it meant to be
"rich in love".

Happy Anniversary to parents who after all  these years still hold hands in public.

Happy Anniversary to you both!
Here's to 32 more blissfully blessed years.
Thank you for the example that you are.

Thing 1 vs. The Goalie

Thing 3 Shaking Hands with Her Opponent from the Championship Game

Thing 2 Receiving Her Medal After the Championship Game

We spent the last weekend in Memphis at the GIT tournament with all three Girl Things!  Thing 2 and 3 both came home with championship medals after a round of incredible games and goals.  Thing 2 played 4 games and Thing 3 had 5 games between Saturday and Sunday.  Thing 1 played in the consolation game and scored an amazing goal against a rival team from Huntsville.  All in all a great soccer weekend.  We are so proud of the way the Things ended their fall season and we look forward to watching their progress in the Spring.  Not only were they outstanding on the field but their sportsmanship and respect of the game has grown. We just can't get enough soccer around here. 

Thankful Thursday #6

Today I am thankful for:

51. a new place to live
52. warm laundry
53. flowers from Thing 4
54. completing my study of the book of Daniel
55. the sound of rain
56. novels
57. a warm jacket
58. mercy
59. bare tree branches exposing nests
60. fallen leaves to jump in

Tell me, what are you thankful for today?

My Daddy

Happy Birthday Pops!
A day to celebrate the first love of my life, my Daddy, Father in Law to my husband, Poppi to my children and a friend. 

You have taught me so much and you continue to do so.  You encourage me, you listen to me, you understand me. 

You eat raw oysters without blinking an eye!

You make silly faces!

You even touch the slimy fish the Things catch!

You know how to have fun!
I love you Daddy! I hope your day is filled with all your favorites and I pray that the year ahead is blessed.


Today is for praise.  Praise for all things given to me.  A woman so undeserving yet so full of blessings.  Praise for a God who knows exactly what we need even when we don't.  For a Father who knows us so intimately He can speak into those private places we think no one sees.  Praise for the relationship.  Praise for the breath I can so effortlessly breathe today.  Praise!

Thankful Thursday #5

What are you thankful for today?

41. Veterans
42. Freedom
43. Elderly couples still holding hands
44. Conversation
45. Main Street in Franklin
46. Frozen Yogurt
47. Honesty
48. Jesus
49. Neighbors
50. Pictures

The Way it Works

Have to share about a parenting moment this weekend.

 It was Sunday afternoon and the Things, 3 and 4, were in the car with me on our way to Murfreesboro for Thing 1's soccer game.  We were trying to track down Thing 2 at a friend's soccer game.  I was messing with the plans that had been set already and was prepared for the backlash.  After Thing 2's friend's mom did not answer her phone or texts we went to the place where Thing 2 was.  I explained our change in plans and she was none too excited.  After huffing and puffing and realizing it was not a big deal for her to stay we, Things 3 and 4 and myself, headed back to the family van for our trip.  As I was walking away Thing 2 shouted to me, in front of a crowd, "I am sorry Mom, I love you, thank you for letting me stay".  Whoa!  My eyes welled up and I yelled, "Thank you, I forgive you". 

And that my friends is what they call hitting you between the eyes.  A life lesson to say the least.  Thank you Jesus.

Thankful Thursday #4

Oh my goodness, I completely forgot to post this yesterday.  Even though it is Friday and not Thursday I still do have much to be grateful for.  How about you?

31. boot camp work outs
32. crisp fall nights
33. Thing 4's stomping of the feet
34. friends turning 40
35. a niece named Emme
36. moms who carpool
37. nonfat lattes
38. down comforters
39. Jeremy from Jared's work
40. our computer

A New Kinda Workout

I sit here trying to type and ignore the pain.  The pain from BOOTCAMP.  At least that is what she is calling it.  A soccer coach with our club, TNFC, sent an email out to all the soccer moms advertising her Holiday challenge special.  Reel me in, no bait necessary.  Yesterday was assessment day and the beginning of our 8 week journey together.  Sure, I have been running.  I thought I was getting in shape.  Turns out I AM NOT.  I can barely lift my arms today and my hips, well that is another post altogether.  I try to focus on the end result.  What the pay off will be in 8 weeks.  The pay off for my commitment, my hard work, my diligence.  And I am going to try to enjoy the journey.  Hey, maybe I won't have to fold any laundry for 8 weeks because last night I was about to cry in pain when Jared dumped the basket on the bed and said, "here fold".  Here's to all of you getting in shape and staying the course, don't give up!

Not yo Mama's Pizza

Yes this is another post about our vacation.  I have to.  I just have to tell you about the best pizza place.  It was called "Joe Mama's Pizza".  And with a name like that how could I not tell you about it.  We had spent all day at the beach.  When I say all day, I do mean from the time the Things were awake (8am) until we left for dinner at 6pm.  We were tired.  We were in our bathing suits and cover ups. We were sandy.  I called Joe Mama's Pizza place and they said come as you are, we would just love for you to eat with us.  It was like talking to family.  So we all said we're in. 

We arrived at Joe Mama's. It is on the main drag in Port St. Joe.  Cute and well decorated.  We were under dressed but we were hungry.  We stayed.  And then we ordered a ton of food. 
Including the best table side salad as seen here. 

And while all this was going on Thing 4 decided it would be best if he just rested...on the table.

So we waited for pizzas and admired the beautiful brick oven and the chef.  I think it was a family ran business, the best kind.

We ate pizzas and salad and clam chowder and then we ordered dessert.  I love dessert.  Dessert and I are BFF's.  Really.  Truly.  They had a dessert called, Pot au Chocolate.  It was begging me to order it.  Let me just tell you I could have licked the ramekin clean.  Wow.  Two thumbs up.

 Here is Thing 1 after the dessert was finished.

We wanted more.  We wanted to marry the pot au chocolate.  Yes, it really was that good.  So the next night we went back and ordered it all over again.  They also served us this amazing cheesecake, homemade with a graham cracker and almond crust.  Delicious would be an understatement. 

To say this was a culinary delight is putting it lightly.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  And yes Thing 4 woke up to eat and was re-energized.  He ate 5 pieces of pizza, no small feat for a boy his size.  Needless to say our family will be visiting Joe Mama's again and again.  On our next trip to Port St. Joe.  Thank you Joe Mama's for making our family's bellies extremely happy.

Tricks or Treats

Halloween 101 at the Hanson Household
clean the pumpkins
carve the pumpkins
dress 4 Things
"do make up" for 4 Things

make chili
make cornbread
prepare spread for neighbors
start a fire
make apple cider                                          
eat dinner
trick or treat around the "hood"
make smores
trade candy
fall asleep with sticky faces and fingers
wake up and start talking about what you're going to dress up as next Halloween!

Bumblebee, Alice, Injured Soccer Player, Hockey Player and Polo as the Baby Bumblebee

European Soccer Player and Flashdance

Al and Pregnant Peg Bundy and their dog Buck