The Way it Works

Have to share about a parenting moment this weekend.

 It was Sunday afternoon and the Things, 3 and 4, were in the car with me on our way to Murfreesboro for Thing 1's soccer game.  We were trying to track down Thing 2 at a friend's soccer game.  I was messing with the plans that had been set already and was prepared for the backlash.  After Thing 2's friend's mom did not answer her phone or texts we went to the place where Thing 2 was.  I explained our change in plans and she was none too excited.  After huffing and puffing and realizing it was not a big deal for her to stay we, Things 3 and 4 and myself, headed back to the family van for our trip.  As I was walking away Thing 2 shouted to me, in front of a crowd, "I am sorry Mom, I love you, thank you for letting me stay".  Whoa!  My eyes welled up and I yelled, "Thank you, I forgive you". 

And that my friends is what they call hitting you between the eyes.  A life lesson to say the least.  Thank you Jesus.

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    you tell my laney lu that I am so proud of her! love ya, u r such a good mom!

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