A New Kinda Workout

I sit here trying to type and ignore the pain.  The pain from BOOTCAMP.  At least that is what she is calling it.  A soccer coach with our club, TNFC, sent an email out to all the soccer moms advertising her Holiday challenge special.  Reel me in, no bait necessary.  Yesterday was assessment day and the beginning of our 8 week journey together.  Sure, I have been running.  I thought I was getting in shape.  Turns out I AM NOT.  I can barely lift my arms today and my hips, well that is another post altogether.  I try to focus on the end result.  What the pay off will be in 8 weeks.  The pay off for my commitment, my hard work, my diligence.  And I am going to try to enjoy the journey.  Hey, maybe I won't have to fold any laundry for 8 weeks because last night I was about to cry in pain when Jared dumped the basket on the bed and said, "here fold".  Here's to all of you getting in shape and staying the course, don't give up!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    pain is temporary! we felt pretty sore the first couple of P90 workouts too! love it now, only experience some minor muscle tweaks!
    love ya - stay the course, then maintain!

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