Not yo Mama's Pizza

Yes this is another post about our vacation.  I have to.  I just have to tell you about the best pizza place.  It was called "Joe Mama's Pizza".  And with a name like that how could I not tell you about it.  We had spent all day at the beach.  When I say all day, I do mean from the time the Things were awake (8am) until we left for dinner at 6pm.  We were tired.  We were in our bathing suits and cover ups. We were sandy.  I called Joe Mama's Pizza place and they said come as you are, we would just love for you to eat with us.  It was like talking to family.  So we all said we're in. 

We arrived at Joe Mama's. It is on the main drag in Port St. Joe.  Cute and well decorated.  We were under dressed but we were hungry.  We stayed.  And then we ordered a ton of food. 
Including the best table side salad as seen here. 

And while all this was going on Thing 4 decided it would be best if he just rested...on the table.

So we waited for pizzas and admired the beautiful brick oven and the chef.  I think it was a family ran business, the best kind.

We ate pizzas and salad and clam chowder and then we ordered dessert.  I love dessert.  Dessert and I are BFF's.  Really.  Truly.  They had a dessert called, Pot au Chocolate.  It was begging me to order it.  Let me just tell you I could have licked the ramekin clean.  Wow.  Two thumbs up.

 Here is Thing 1 after the dessert was finished.

We wanted more.  We wanted to marry the pot au chocolate.  Yes, it really was that good.  So the next night we went back and ordered it all over again.  They also served us this amazing cheesecake, homemade with a graham cracker and almond crust.  Delicious would be an understatement. 

To say this was a culinary delight is putting it lightly.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  And yes Thing 4 woke up to eat and was re-energized.  He ate 5 pieces of pizza, no small feat for a boy his size.  Needless to say our family will be visiting Joe Mama's again and again.  On our next trip to Port St. Joe.  Thank you Joe Mama's for making our family's bellies extremely happy.

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    oh how I wish we were back there again! good news though, if we go back to Cape San Blas again, there will be an airport that SW flies into opening May 2010 in Panama City!!!

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