Thing 1 vs. The Goalie

Thing 3 Shaking Hands with Her Opponent from the Championship Game

Thing 2 Receiving Her Medal After the Championship Game

We spent the last weekend in Memphis at the GIT tournament with all three Girl Things!  Thing 2 and 3 both came home with championship medals after a round of incredible games and goals.  Thing 2 played 4 games and Thing 3 had 5 games between Saturday and Sunday.  Thing 1 played in the consolation game and scored an amazing goal against a rival team from Huntsville.  All in all a great soccer weekend.  We are so proud of the way the Things ended their fall season and we look forward to watching their progress in the Spring.  Not only were they outstanding on the field but their sportsmanship and respect of the game has grown. We just can't get enough soccer around here. 

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