Ramblings After Too Much Turkey

So I don't forget this Thanksgiving here are some of the wackadoo happenings from our home.  William made jokes about having opposable thumbs, Gillian tied her sweatshirt so she looked like a cone head, we played soccer in the back yard, we went on two walks to the skatepark, the Things went hunting in the woods, Delaney and Makenzie didn't feel well and layed around all day watching movies, we played Spoons after we tucked Jared into bed at 7pm and Makenzie made chess pie for the first time.  We all went around the table and said what we were most grateful for this year and then we each said one thing we were thankful for about everyone at the table.  It was so neat to see the Things faces light up when their siblings said something about them.  What a gift.  sWhat a day.

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