Forgotten Posts

I realized looking at my blog this morning that it has been a week since my last post.  A week.  And I was prepared to just put up another Thankful Thursday post without even a thought.  Except that in my quiet time this morning I read about carrying a grateful heart throughout the day.  Always.  To try not to grumble or complain.  So,  I won't be complaining about having not posted for nearly a week, or even the fact that I can't believe a week has passed us by already.  Instead I will post some pictures of last weekend's events a superfluous Thankful Thursday post and maybe a few extras, just for your viewing pleasure.  Grab a cup of joe, this could take a while.
So, last weekend, in the wet, rainy and cold weather we were experiencing, Thing 3's soccer team made it to the championship game.  They didn't win, but they put on quite a show, taking second place against a top ranked team in their U10 age group.  Way to go!  Thing 3 was so proud of herself for executing a few moves on the field she had been working on.  In game 2 of the tournament she had a goal, left footed no less!

The rest of the gang stayed home watching movies and playing games.  Thing 2's games were cancelled due to the weather and Thing 1 and Thing 4 had the weekend off.  Nice.  Husband Jared said goodbye to his employees at store 1064 and introduced his replacement.  Although for those of us that know him, there could be no one that truly "replaces" him.  One of his assistant's wife made him a cake with a Turkish farewell saying written on it.  So thoughtful.  I have no doubt that he has made quite an impact within that community. 

And now for a science center photo.  Thing 4's class went on a field trip to the Science Center.  He was able to do the moon walk.  Take a look.

Our beloved Polo also had a bath in the last couple of weeks.  Here is what that process looks like.
We now have a clean dog.

Alright, what else might I have missed, or what have you all missed out on?  Oh, our first sunny weather day of Spring Break took us on a walk to downtown Franklin for lunch and a treat at Sweet CeCe's, our favorite frozen yogurt spot.  Here are the Things on our walk.
And here is what else we saw on our walk, signs that Spring is finally here.
And with that, here is what I am thankful for today
 209. books
210. walks and talks with Things
211. sleep overs
212. daffodils
213. frozen yogurt
214. soccer
215. late nights 
216. pick up stix
217. scones made by Thing 2
218. memories of my Nana

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    so cool!
    I posted about Nana today too!
    love that lady and miss her so, hope I showed her enough love here on earth!
    love your post today and seeing the pictures of the grandbabies growing up oh so fast!
    love mom

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