Vocabulary Lessons and Other Stuff

The other night Jared shared a story at the dinner table about some email communication he had with his new International team.  He told the Things of some Turkish phrases he used in correspondence.  They were riveted.  And then began the questions.  How do you say such and such?  What does, fill in the blank, mean?  Will they understand our English?  And on and on.  Until Jared referred them to Google Translator.  What an explosion of excitement and interest.  They all huddled around the computer screen and began typing and taking notes.  They wanted to share with their friends and teachers.  They also wanted to teach Dad a lesson or two.  Listed below are some common phrases:
Tuvalet nerede?
Where is the bathrooom?
Güle güle
Seni seviyorum
I love you
And so it continued.  In our travel guide books there is a list of common phrases for the tourist to use while out and about in town or the bazaar.  Our intention is to live like the locals, not the tourists.  Hopefully Jared and I will be quick studys like the Things.

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