Sunday Thoughts

I sit here at my computer and I find myself reminiscing once again.  That seems to be happening quite often these days.  I have been searching old photographs of the Things.  Moments captured so as not to be forgotten.  For the most part those first 8 years or so seem like a blur.  One high point on the roller coaster to one low point in the ride that has been our life with 4 Things.  Plenty of in between, "normal" times too.  They were precious, they are precious and I am so enjoying this time in our life.  With a teenager, a tween, and two that haven't reached double digits just yet.  So please indulge me for this post might seem like ramblings of a Mama who has lost it. 

All I am saying is I am home with Thing 3 who is sick.  Really sick.  On Friday, all 6 of us were planning on heading to Birmingham, AL for all 3 Thing girls soccer tournament.  Fun, a stay at Embassy Suites, indoor pool and meals out.  And then Friday morning my Mama intuition kicked into full gear and I knew I would be staying home with Thing 3.  102 temperature and those big glassy eyes that I still get everytime I am sick.  Now Husband Jared knows about the eyes just like my Mama used to know.   So we have been snuggling, watching movies, eating take out and playing with Polo.  Fun.  Oh yeah, and the American Girl Dolls have been playing with us.

And I've been remembering.  All the times I held her as a baby, all the times I nursed her to sleep in the rocking chair, not wanting to put her down.  Everytime she fell or scraped her knee chasing after her older sisters, all the times I agonized over her development, and not walking as quickly as her older siblings did.  What was that?  And then watching as her personality developed and the world became her stage.  Oh to be the third child.  She made us laugh, she would dance and sing and imagine.  And she still does.  And I love to watch it.  The honor that I have been given to be privy to this sort of miracle is overwhelming. 

This is what happens when I am at home looking at photographs and remembering.  After the remembering of every hurt and owie and tear shed I began to wonder.  What will they be when they grow up? Will they still like me in college?  Who will be the first to break their hearts?  How will I handle that?  Will they pray?  As they mature will they share in our wanderlust for adventure and new places?  Will they stay put, plant roots and never move? Whom will they look like?  Will we have secrets?  Will they remember the family vacations and soccer tournaments? 

I can not wait for those relationships to grow.  Ok, I can wait.  I want to savor each and every moment given to us, in the here and now.  They are fleeting.  I know that all too well as I look back at those photographs of times gone by.  I am grateful that we have them.  Grateful for the stories they evoke.  Grateful for how my heart swells when I look at those Things.  Given to me.  I was chosen to be their Mama.  Lucky me.

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