Sunday morning begin with finding Easter bunny stuffed baskets on the dining room table awaiting the Things.  Husband Jared and I were met with early morning wake up calls by all four of them.  Reluctantly we found our way to the kitchen where all I had to do was press the button for some caffeine delightfulness.  Amen. 

We shared breakfast and stories and laughter around the table and maybe indulged in a few pieces of chocolate.  The Things marked their territory and did not however share the chocolate with ANYONE.  Not even their Mama. 

Friends and Things listening to me explain the rules of the hunt,
see I'm the short one being towered over by her daughter
All the kiddos after the hunt
Big kid helping smaller kid retrieve the golden egg

Parents blowing up punch balloons for the gang of kiddos -
I forgot how much fun those were!
And then Husband Jared and I hid around 100 plastic eggs and even more individually wrapped pieces of sugar in some form or another for the Things and their friends.  All of whom were joining us for cakes and coffee and egg hunting.  Fun.  The photos above showcase all of the fun the Things and the friends enjoyed in our garden.  The weather cooperated and it was a truly glorious morning!

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