Thankful Thursday #57

Thankful Thursdays are back!
And today I am thankful for:

511. large Spring pictures
512. the 4 hands that drew the scenery
513. hard days that cause searching
514. prayer
515. prayer
516. lunch with friend
517. laughing
518. blog ban lifted
519. trip planning
520. coffee in the afternoon

2 Response to "Thankful Thursday #57"

  1. CherylLee Says:

    I just love that you put 'hard days that cause searching' cuz it makes sense.... where do we go? This has been a big part of my devotionals this last week, where do we turn when troubled, who do we talk to?
    "The Lord is my Rock, my fortress and deliverer. My God is my Rock in whom I trust" Psalm 18:2
    This answers the question with 'to the Rock' right?
    Love ya

  2. LKH Says:

    of course it does Mom, well said.

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