Hard Boiled Eggs

What a title for a post about Easter, I know.  Hey it's my blog and that is what I wanted to call it.  There is some irony there right?

Our celebration of Easter began with making Nana's Easter cookies.  We rolled dough, frosted and sprinkled and ate and then admired the product of our work.  It was fun.  Always is when I'm in the kitchen with the Things.

Later that day we colored eggs.  Not just colored.  We made art.  Marbled eggs, wrapped eggs, decorated eggs.  You name  it and we did it.  Well the Things did it.  And they did a marvelous job. 

A few days before the cookies and eggs the Things made art out of eggs.  Hollow eggs.  They painted and designed and created.  They were beautiful.  The idea came to us when we were in Prague.  There are amazing hand crafted eggs there.  Each with their own unique Bohemian design and we were inspired to have the Things make their very own.  The finished products each portrayed the Thing's own personality.  They are keepsakes for sure. 

That was the preparation portion of Easter.  Well that and all the baking and cooking and cleaning and egg stuffing. 

And here you have Husband Jared and I in a very random picture taken by Thing 3, where we are in the kitchen of course, preparing.  For what?  I don't exactly remember, I am sure it had to do with the gathering we were hosting on Easter Sunday. 

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