Happy Birthday Husband Jared

On this day thirty some years ago Husband Jared entered the world.  Thank God he did.  And thank God for the man that he is today.  What a gift.  Each moment lived together has been an adventure, one memorable moment after another.  I love his dry sense of humor, the commitment he has shown to be a true leader with the One King at the center of it all.  I love when he makes the "Jared face" as lovingly referred to by our Things.  I even appreciate when he uses his persuasiveness to prove a point.  Or the way he encourages our family and provides the opportunity for such great adventures.  I am grateful for the way he loves me and the father he is to our Things.  He can be quiet and reserved, deliberate and intense.  Oh, especially when it comes to his football, there is but one United.  His determination is a gift from above.  I only hope that on his birthday he knows how much he is loved and respected.  Here's to you Husband Jared, happy birthday. 

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