The Last Week Or So

After getting over our jet lag and coming to the realization that no, we are not in Turkey anymore, we have been going non stop here in Tennessee.  From sun up to sun down there has been no lack of excitement.  Sometimes the mundane, must be done stuff and other times fun reunions and giggly sleep overs.  Even a trip out on a boat for Thing 4.  He was offered an invitation to spend the afternoon on the lake with his best buddy's family and he jumped at the opportunity.  About an hour later I received a text and photo with my little man standing on two water skis with the caption, "he got it his first try".  Way to go Thing 4!

We have also had a bit of a birthday bash at Pappo and Grammy's to celebrate Mema and Grandpa's birthdays.  The day was complete with pool splashing, barbeque, cake and even a football match to watch, USA v. Spain.  The latter did not end so well.  We also were able to pick rasberries and peas from the "farm", super tasty.  All in all a fun afternoon in the sun.  Take a look.

 Grandpas attack
 Auntie Leanna and Autumn
 The Birthday Peeps and Thing 1, helping
Grammy and Things looking for ripe rasberries
Other than that it has been life as usual around these parts.  Swimming in the pond, fishing on the dock, boat rides and yes, still running.  Oh how could I forget, preparing for the move to Minnesota and house hunting and neighborhood researching and  school studying.  Husband Jared has been busy.

Thing 2 and her bestest
 The Big Catch
Reeling in another "cat"

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  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    Wow, the fun never ends for the Hanson Family! Glad you're doing well. Good luck with the move! Miss y'all!
    Auntie Robin xoxo

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