Ramo Beach

Our favorite place, hands down in Turkey.  It isn't that this is such a spectacular beach or that it has historical significance.  For our family it is full of memories, the favorite kind.  Ones where we stayed all day building sand castles, or walked the shore to find sea glass or swam as far out as we could, each time going a bit further into the deep blue waters.  Maybe it was the time we saw a shadow of a shark chasing a school of fish making them jump into the air, or when the Things buried each other neck deep in the sand.  Finding a white sun bed with my name on it, a straw umbrella and nothing but the sound of lapping waves and happy Things surrounding me.  And of course the view as you reach the top of the dirt road before winding your way down to the water.  Now that is breathtaking.  Somehow it seems to melt all our troubles away.  For just a day, if only a few hours, the outside world doesn't interfere.  It is just our family of six.  Occasionally a few close friends, or strangers waiting to make acquaintances.  Either way it has been a respite of sorts for our family.  One I am so grateful for and one I, or we, won't soon, if ever forget. 

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