Love, Thanksgiving and Letters

I know I've said it here on the blog before and those of you who know me in real life must know by now I have an affinity for the written word.  It must have started with my mother.  Whom as far back as I can remember wrote letters and cards.  In fact she had a box organized by month with birthday cards, thank you cards, etc.  She encouraged me to have a pen pal, a cousin in Michigan.  We would write back and forth and when we moved away from my first child hood friend in the first grade I was told to write to her.  And I did.  More than the actual writing, which seems to be a lost art these days, is the thought, the time and the love that flows onto the page when penned.  Letter writing seems to be in the midst of a revival though.  Lest you think letter writing is not for you, I encourage you to watch Hannah Brencher and listen to this young woman share her story.  Teary eyed I made it through the entire video, so moved that I sat down to write what else but a letter.

The very next thought I had after viewing the video and reading some of Ms. Brencher's writings was how unmistakably powerful words can be.  Whether they are random notes found by strangers, thought provoking billboards, articles from your favorite magazine, a few paragraphs on a friend's blog; There is a realness and vulnerability to sharing life in that way. 

Which brings me to how incredibly thankful I am for words.  For letters written past, present and future.  From historians, theologians, friends, family members, love letters and those sweet, innocent letters I receive from my Things now as a Mama.  Pure thanksgiving.  To say I was inspired by the clip above isn't completely accurate.  I did experience joy in her words, in the mission field she chose and the impact it is having.  And don't we all have that capability?  A note in a lunch box?  A letter to say thank you?  Birthday card? An I miss you card?  A letter to say you matter, I believe in  you, let me share my joy.  Go and write in your penmanship and let someone know just how much you truly care.  Yes, even a stranger. 

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