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Well there are no photos of all my Things together in their costumes and not even one photo of Thing 3 in her costume.  Nada.  Zilch.  Not even one of her with her friend.  Can you believe that?  When I asked Husband Jared that question his reply was, "absolutely".  You see, in my defense, we had a house full of people.  And while I do love the house being full of friends and food and laughter I was a bit off my game.  There were two boys that were so excited they could hardly stand themselves.  All geared up in the morphsuits they were hoping, fingers crossed and all, that they would be able to brave the neighborhood on their own this year.  Sans parents.  Um excuse me, but when did my baby grow up enough to trick or treat by himself?  Alright then, the boys received clearance from both sets of parents and they hit the ground running.  Literally.  I did manage to snap a photo of them before chaos ensued.  Take a look and if you understand the premise behind these morphsuits please explain.  I just don't get it.  Regardless these two, Thing 4 on the left and his buddy on the right are what we refer to as the "boy wonders" and they rocked the morphsuits.

I suppose I should share a photo or two of crew we had at our house, at least to begin with.  We ended the night with more than we started with and like I mentioned above, no photos of Thing 3 to be found.  Still puzzled by that one. 

Let me explain.  We, well I, made two crock pots of chili, one red, white, I baked some mini corn dog muffins, had a friend bring over her famous apple cider and we proceeded, oops, I, proceeded in inviting over friends and neighbors.  Said friends and neighbors have small children and in the photo they are all preparing themselves for trick or treating.  Costumes, gloves, hats, coats and of course plastic pumpkins for carrying the candy.  It wasn't until all the littles left with my big Things that I took a deep breath.  Then another friend of teenage daughters and I looked at each other and really exhaled and realized that it was quiet.  That's when we quickly grabbed another bowl of chili and sat down for some grown up conversation.  I had forgotten what it was like when my Things were that age.  All the preparation and excitement and non stop activity and all the needing of  Mama.  While I loved that stage and sometimes miss it I am so grateful for how good it was then and how good it is now.  

All of this excitement and chaos and littleness consumed me.  I was taken with it.  I tried to remain a welcoming and helpful hostess through it all and yet I was too distracted to take photos of my own Things.  Way to go Mom of the year!  I do however have a few photos of our pumpkin carving that took place the night before.  The Things chose, cleaned and carved their own pumpkins.  No help required.  Maybe a few nods of approval or encouraging words, that was all.  They did a fantastic job if I do say so myself.  Take a look for yourself.

Thing 1- classic jack-o-lantern

 Thing 4 - grim creeper stencil, challenging

 Thing 2 - haunted house stencil - very challenging,
she even managed a blister and good hours work on this one
 Thing 3 - an eclectic collection of eyes and mouths, creative, inventive and entirely her
I do think that these may make up for my lack of photos from Halloween night.  Maybe?  Hopefully the Things will forgive me, we have bigger fish to fry, right?

The group left for trick or treating and then Thing 3's friend and her family joined us.  Then Thing 3 and said friend hit the neighborhood in hopes that there would still be porch lights on.  All returned a while later their bags full and a trail of wrappers behind them.   Candy trading went down and some intense negotiations took place, both with the girls and the boys.  Then in between them all.  Entertaining.  More laughter ensued, too much sugar was ingested and I think it fair to say that we all ended our night happily with our bellies full.

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