Another Birthday Come and Gone

Well, here we are a few days post birthday celebration and I am another year older.  The birthday didn't quite ramp up into the month long party that it usually is and I'm strangely okay with that.  It was quite a packed weekend.  I am confident that when I'm sitting in the sand later this week that I will still be having a little party of my own.  That being said I was spoiled to no end by my sweet family and friends. 
Our weekend began with some fresh snow and an impromptu sledding date in the front yard.  I was determined to build a proper snowman to adorn the front of our house and welcome visitors and passerby's but I was quickly informed that this was not the right type of snow.  I ignored the warnings and made a feeble attempt.  Fruitless efforts.  We did make some spectacular snow angels. Thing 3 and Thing 4 built a few "jumps" to enhance their sledding fun and after about 45 seconds of it all I ran inside to warm  up.  Yes, I am a wimp.  How do these kiddos do it?  And that was Friday, a bowl of hot noodles and some Cosby show and we were happy campers.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 were away for the night so we were a family of only 4.  They missed out on the snow but I'm certain they were exactly where they were supposed to be, serving others.
Me and Thing 3
Thing 3's snow angel
Saturday mornings are a busy time in this household.  Between acting classes, football training and all the other commitments we are typically taxi drivers for the Things.  Husband Jared did wake early to prepare breakfast for me though.  He even separated eggs for the first time.  Fluffy egg whites are a necessity for Belgian waffles.  So proud. So yummy.  The waffles folks, come on.   
My man in the kitchen
It was our turn for Thing 4's football carpool and since the temperatures were not runner friendly I joined Husband Jared and we were able to run together in the dome.  Translation, flat terrain, no ice and warm.  Thank you.  And thank you.  That was a birthday treat in and of itself.  From there we came home and Thing 4 decided he wanted to make lunch for his Mama, grilled ham and cheese with fruit.  Excellent choice.  The Things took such great care of me all day.  So thankful they have had Husband Jared's example.  While we were running earlier in the day Thing 3 was busy baking.  This time it was chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Our after lunch surprise. 
Putting the finishing touches on the cake
Decorating done by Thing 2 and all photos courtesy of Thing 1,
 the new family photographer

Make a wish!
I blew out all the candles, opened cards and presents, we stuffed our faces and then we played a fun game of LIFE.  When I say fun what I really mean is there was banter between all the Things, conversations over what their plastic spouses names would be, how many children, if they were driving in England or not and what college career choice they would have.  Not to mention the discussions over mobile home living and double wides.  I say this with love of course.  And for my memory so that someday when it's just Husband Jared and I sitting around the table playing a game we will fondly remember the competitive nature all family endeavors seem to take on.  Whether it be a friendly board game or cards, even chess or cribbage. 
Another surprise of the day was mine and Husband Jared's date night.  We snuck away after pizza was ordered for kiddos and they were settled in with some friends for a movie night. 

I'm really not sure what is going on with my hair here,
it seems to be growing not longer but wider?  Any suggestions?
A quaint Italian restaurant amidst commercial buildings was the place where we feasted on arancini, sea bass and a pork ragu over stuffed cavatelli.  My oh my.  The highlight of the meal for me was the chocolate Panini with salted caramel gelato.  Yes please.  Food may very well be my love language.  And boy did I ever indulge on my birthday.  Yet it really was the conversation and the live pianist and stand up bass that provided the most delight. 
While the birthday has come and gone the memories will linger over gratitude for the way my people chose to celebrate me.  Love in action.  I am one blessed Mama. 

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