Sweet 16

Happy birthday my sweet baby girl.  The first born.  And today she turns 16.  We were remembering that day over breakfast this morning.  The anticipation of such an event all the way to her being placed in my arms for the very first time.  I remember.  That day I became a Mama.  Her Mama.  What a glorious gift. 
And today we celebrate you Thing 1.  Your artistic nature, the way you view the world through your camera lens, your dry humor and your slight exaggerative nature.  The way you hug us and smile and snuggle on a cold day.  Your passion for those special kiddos and your calming sense when you're around them.  The way you trust and befriend and get lost in a book. All your pinterest pins and yes, even the tattoo ideas.  How you search and are OK with not knowing the path, at least right now.  Your confidence and your heart for Jesus.  Mostly your heart for Jesus. 
For all these last sixteen years have held and for all that is yet to be may it be spent walking side by side with the Creator.  I pray today that  you feel celebrated into the depths of your soul and joy unending.  I love you.

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