A Baptism

Following a few days of mother-daughter togetherness I was fortunate enough to spend some time with my brother and his family.  Sweet Olivia was being baptized and I was chosen as her godmother, a honor.  The ceremony was planned and I did not want to miss it. 
Upon arrival at the Stuck house Gianna was waiting for me.  We had a park date planned.  There was running and laughing and swinging and then crying for Daddy because someone sat on "her" swing.  Then I chased her home and remembered what it was like when the Things were two years old.  And I promptly collapsed on the floor until my Daddy rescued me with the smell of In N Out.  Hallelujah!  Really.  We were in bed shortly after for the big day that would cause our alarms to ring all too early.  Yet another reminder of having littles in the house, early morning wake up calls. 
Though they're fun when you're the Auntie! 

The house, oh I forgot to mention, my brother and Corynn had just purchased their first home and moved in weeks before I was coming and the big event was taking place.  It is stunning and my sister in law/love, definitely has an eye for design.  They have made their four walls into a lovely home for their family.  We made it event ready the next morning and then worked on beautifying ourselves and the little girlies too. Then we were off for a beautiful ceremony and back to the house to celebrate.  Family and friends were rejoicing with us and it truly was a special day.   
Love these girlies
Just look at that smile, precious
Stuck Family
Godparents and Goddaughter
We rarely take a picture with just the two of us,
I love this one snapped in her new kitchen!
I was able to spend some time with my "little" cousin, Kayla too!
The festivities lasted well into the night.  I was going to leave out the fat lip story but I just can't resist.  It's one for the books.  Everyone had moved the celebration to the pool, adults and kiddos alike.  After a while the kiddos, Gianna and her friend Sebastian, had enough so Auntie Le Le took them home.  Actually, I rode them home in the Burley, me riding a bike and the two of them in the trailer behind.  What a workout, but oh so fun to hear their squeals and giggles.  I no sooner got them out of the Burley and we were marching to the front door singing, "Follow the leader", towels wrapped around their bathing suit bodies.  I'm the leader and every so often I turn around to check on them, and then it happened.  A sound I never like to hear.  And I saw red.  Everywhere.  Gianna had tripped over her towel, on the curb and landed face first.  Yes people she did and this Auntie scooped her up, kissed her head and ran with her to the house.  Trying not to panic we applied ice and attempted to assess the damage.  Hard to do with a screaming two year old and a bloody lip.  Thankfully Aunt Callee, who is also a nurse said it was alright.  Whew, still, this Auntie was in a mess of tears.  I was and so I did what any Auntie would do to make their niece feel better and I bought her the biggest chocolate shake, topped with whip cream and a cherry.  That most certainly made everything better!  Quite an ending to the full day we had.
So grateful that the next morning was nice and slow, just the way I like them to be.  We had breakfast, did some running, Gianna and my brother on the bike, lounged by the pool and soaked up each and every minute together.  Oh, and the lip was much better.  Swollen and a tad red still, but better.  Family dinner and dessert at Dripp, another one of my favorites, and then goodbyes, or see you laters, because I was headed home to my Things and Husband Jared.  I so enjoyed my time with the Stuck family, my parents and all the Aunties and Uncles that were there to celebrate with us.  Thank you for a weekend to remember. 
Olivia laughing at me in her swing!
This is what happens after a few hours of swimming and a bike ride with Auntie Le Le,
 I'd say it was a good day.

Eating my homemade O cookie at Dripp, the cookie is bigger than her face!

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