Apples to Apples

One blustery fall day we ventured out to Emma Krumbee's apple orchard.  In store for us: an amusing afternoon of scarecrow walking, hay jumping, goat feeding and apple picking.  We were accompanied by the Stinson family and with eight children in tow we were quite a sight. 
So here is our day at the orchard in pictures.
Trying to pile all 8 on the tractor for a photo op, clearly we are missing a few.
Thing 2, as a scarecrow

Things 2 and 3, they were making sad faces hoping that Mema would
 catch on to the "kids for sale" sign and rescue them!

Thing 3 and Ms. Hailey feeding the goats

Hailey showing us her adorable pose, and maybe one of my favorite photos from the day.  Can you even stand the cuteness with  her apple hat?  Oh my word. 

Thing 4, trying to ride the trike that was at least two sizes too small for him
Thing 4 and Jack on top of the wooden train

Thing 1 showing us the first apple picked

And this man, he can still make my heart go pitter patter!

Michael and Mama Hanson as the Stinson littles call me,
 I was giving him a piggy back ride into the orchard! 

This poor girl was quite chilly and needed some cuddles with her Daddy, so sweet.

Do I even need to explain this?  Thing 2 I love your laugh!

Our apple bounty, Harrelson and Honeycrisp, perfect for baking!

An added benefit of sharing the joy with another family,
all six of us could be photographed together, thank you Mama Stinson!

This boy, he makes me smile, he was posing for his picture all by himself when he was really supposed to be with his family for their picture!

Thing 4 and Jack comparing apples

The Stinson family, love them!  Yes, I did take a picture with Michael's hands down by his side but this one, this one I couldn't resist.
I'd like to add this one for posterity's sake.  As if!  Carter was totally showing us how to sneak an apple out of the orchard here.  He stuffed it in his hood and was trying to walk without giggling.  The moment was priceless.  I laughed and then quickly realized I shouldn't have been when his mom was trying to tell him that would be stealing and lying and that was like one big double whammy!  Oops. 
Well that wraps up our day at the orchard.  It was wonderful and chilly and apparently everything a fall day should be?!  I mean leaves falling and windy and the smell of pumpkins and smoky bonfires and all that.  It was good.

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